Sunday, 15 March 2015

Things to do and see


          now I have run out of money, its annoying to reflect on just how many events are taking place soon. or how many places are opening to visit, now. Its reflective of the vibrant pub scene however, and although I will be unable to attend most or all the events, I very much think you should. Here is sone gen thereof.....

Next week is Sheffield Beer Week. Although it coincides wit the overpriced SIBA Beer-x event, it is not connected. It has been set up instead by Jules and Clare, a couple of blogging friends of mine - I say this not for kudos, rather transparency. They are people I know and like. And that makes no difference to the potential quality of the events. Here is a link to their website which tells you things. Many of my regular haunts are doing stuff including beer tasting and meet the brewer events, including Shakespeares, Three Tuns, The Bath hotel and the Tap and Tankard. I think a visit to some may be well worth it.

One of the events that may or may not (but most likely is not) part of the celebrations is a beer festival at the Brothers Arms. Not even open a year, he Brothers has created itself a great reputation for quality inexpensive real ales and live bands, along with excellent local snacks - for instance, curried Scotch Eggs.  There is a link here to their website which is new and contains some details, and also confirms what I had forgotten - which is that its the week after Sheffield Beer Week. Um.....

Another plug is necessary am afraid. I do know people who run pubs. Publicans, as I believe they are called, run pubs as a living, and hope to make money. Sorry, this is rather obvious, but it suffices for background. Anyhoo, in order to do this, pubs have to be open, and two of them, run by good friends of mine are.

I think the above explains why I need to undertake some blog writing training....

Mandy and John have taken on The White Lion on Chesterfield Road at Heeley. I had seen a picture of them dressed as Coronation Street landlords on Faceache, but assumed it was a joke. How wrong I was! A first visit of the year last week found them manning the bar and serving a decent range of real ales - including Thornbridge Jaipur, which I almost always have whilst in there. Alas at that point they had no card machine, or indeed internet connection but once both are in place they promise to lower the prices charged for the beer.

This has to be a great development for this pub which, despite having some impeccable interior features, hasn't always been my first choice due to its high prices. And lowering them will also help compete with the Brothers Arms up the road. I don't know if either have run a pub before but they have a strong band of regulars and no doubt plenty of friends to pop in for pints. I wish them all the best.

Finally, the author of the Dimpled Mug pub photography blog has opened up a Micropub called The Grocers in Cadishead in Salford. Please note, I think its in Salford, but alas have never been to Cadishead.....

Neither it seems has real ale, not for many years, so the micropub on Liverpool Road is a great development. Known as The Grocers, I read that it was quite small - well, that is absolutely true if the pictures are anything to go by. Martin sells real ales and real ciders at sensible prices and I don't think he sells much else. Having enjoyed Sheffield's two micropubs and Chesterfield's recently, its obviously a movement that has some popularity - just somewhere to sit down, talk and drink beer.

If you want more details, and since I haven't yet visited, thankfully he has a page on Facebook.

That rounds up all the upcoming events that I know or want to share details of. Best of luck to all involved with Sheffield Beer Week, the Brothers Arms, and the White Lion and The Grocers. Lets hope I have some updates on all of the above in the next week or so.


Wee Beefy

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  1. Thanks WB , for the article and kind words. Only just catching up on some beer blog reading.
    Hope to see you and WF in the Grocers at some point soon.