Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Now then,

            I recently spent some time in the pubs of Heeley. Well, I say that, I actually spent some time in three pubs within a few minutes walk of each other. I am going to call this area the Heeley Green Triangle of Ale. And I won't even charge for that service.

I headed off from work to a pub called Shakespeares, a pub I may have mentioned before. This, I would hope obviously, is not in fact, in Heeley. I was however expecting Tash to come back from her Doctors appointment at Heeley and to meet me in there for a pint. I noticed I had a text from her that said please ring me. That was an hour ago. I tried calling her but didn't get through. I decided to go ahead and have a pint anyway. It seemed the only rational reaction....

On the bar were numerous delights and I went for a pint of low gravity but brilliantly refreshing Love of Work, a 3.8 or 3.6% Earl Grey pale ale from Siren Craft Brew. It was £2.80 a pint and was deliciously refreshing - not too bitter, but hoppy and tangy enough to satisfy me. Whilst I supped, I hatched a plan to meet Tash at Heeley. And so a mini pub crawl came about.

Our first stop, as we walked down past the Victoria and Waggon and Horses (inside which appeared to be tables covered in bags....?) and after admiring the amazing sky and clouds we found ourselves in the Brothers Arms. It was rammed, and there were numerous treats to taste on cask. A very friendly and enthusiastic lass behind the bar immediately offered us tasters, and we settled on pints of Potbelly hazy Daze for me, and Cluster from Pictish for Tash.

We initially sat outside in the cold to watch the sun set, but with spaces diminishing we ended up in the small room on the left as you walk in. There were plenty of football fans in as there was a match on, and its not far to the ground of Sheffield's other football team. As a result, the pub quietened down after 19.00. We had two very large slices of a local sausage herb and beery jelly pork pie for £2.50 and then shared another pint of the Cluster. The pub was warm, friendly, packed with a wide range of different punters and was the perfect place to spend an hour or two on a cold night.

Just down the hill next, and we were in the Sheaf View. The man who I know who works there but don't know his name was working there, and there was a friendly lass behind the bar offering us tasters. I had the Steel City, which was a deliciously hoppy Black IPA (and kept in perfect condition), whilst Tash had the Portobello Brewery Ginger bread, a 4.4% pale ginger ale.

We sat in the room at the back and the pub was also busy, with us grabbing the last of two remaining tables to sit at. We enjoyed our beers, and then went back for a last one to share. Cornwall's Firebrand brewery had a keg Black Saison at over 6% for £4.00 a pint so we had a half of that . It was an interesting and enjoyable taste but am not sold on the idea of a black saison - although I recall making a similar remark about black IPA's some years ago.....

Down onto the main road our final stop was at the White Lion. Also warm, also busy, we squeezed into the wonderful snug on the left to meet the Portuguese water dog - originally used to catch fish - and its owner and some regulars, and settled down to enjoy 2 pints of excellently kept Jaipur. They now have a card machine, and the Jaipur is on at £3.60 a pint - am not sure that is cheaper than before but its not a bad price for a 5.9% real ale.

We soon got chatting to John behind the bar, and also Mo from Kingfisher Blue, and more Jaipur was bought and supped. John explained that he and Mandy had never run a pub before but had dome training and were committed to selling well kept real ales. John is fanatical about cleaning his lines and his cellar, and many regulars seem to have noticed an improvement in the quality of the ales. There was once again an eclectic mix of music playing, and I understand you can now order pizzas from the Italian restaurant next door.

This was our final stop and a great end to a wonderful evening and night drinking in he Heeley Green Triangle. Of Ale. Looking forward to many more happy nights in the three corners - which doesn't make sense, I realise. Also looking forward to the Brothers, the Sheaf View and the White Lion some time soon!


Wee Beefy

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