Saturday, 28 March 2015

Edge of town crawls


          recently I took a few days off to spend with Tash after her long stay in Carlisle. Whilst she has been away and since she has come back, we have been craving pints in quieter pubs, but not ones that take ages to get to. Luckily, Sheffield has many decent, not always quiet but worthwhile pubs, on the edges of the city.

Starting in the Rutland I saw Clare from Sheffield beer week with Gav and her friend Gary. They were trying an exquisite dessert - and I was on a pint of Blue Bee Ella and a half of the excellent Broken Dreams from Siren. I have never tried this beer on draught and, aged in (I think) Ardbeg barrels, this complex beer was fantastic.

Just up the hill I popped in the Red Lion. I had a half of their Moonshine and went to sit in the beautiful back snug. Its not, I think, always possible to enter from the street so its useful to know that you need to go behind the bar - not literally, to each the room. Once there its often far quieter than the rest of the pub which can get very busy.

Further up is the Wood Street Brewery run/owned Roebuck. I went in with some trepidation since often I have gone in and the beer has been poor. This time there were a mix of Wood Street and guest brewery beers on 5 handpumps. The pub looked much cleaner and was very busy. I had a half a pale from a large regional brewer and stood in the beer garden. The Roebuck isn't my favourite pub but seems to be improving.

I finished off in the Tap and Tankard. I had a pint from Atom brewery and a half, but alas, the exhaustion of numerous overtimes caught up with me, and away tp nod nod land crept the Beefdozer. Zzzzzz.....

This week we met, after I had been to the Bath Hotel, Three Tuns and Red Deer, at the University tram stop and went to the University Arms. This was busy, but we managed to get a seat in the conservatory, whilst smokers braved the cold air in the garden, and being locked out after shutting the fire door properly. On the bar we almost tried an unusual beer from Welbeck Abbey brewery but went instead with a dark ale and a pale - now, I realise that details wise this is poor, but I had already had more than 3 pints by this stage.

Down the hill we went next to Fagans. Only halves in here, of Moonshine, but we were lucky enough to sit in the tiny snug. I think you can get 10 punters in, but only small ones - am sure the max is normally 8. We listened in on a folk session in the back room including a song called "A pint of old peculier". I've not been in for a while and this was a worthwhile return visit.

We finished the night in Shakespeares and after getting a pint of the Raw/Steel City collab that has the word opposites in it, we finished on several halves of the excellent Kernel Centennial IPA at 6.9%. As mentioned previously, Centennial is one of my favourite hops so this was a no brainer to try. Others must have liked it too - it had run out the following night.

During which we came into town and caught the 95 up to Howard Road, and walked down to the Blake. We'd seen their beer mats in the Sheaf View on Tuesday and decided to make a return to the pub, which Tash has only been in twice. This turned out to be an excellent decision. Of the real ales on the bar we stuck with two - the Spitting Duck pale ale from Green Duck brewery, and the Welsh Black from Great Orme brewery. The pork pies were excellent and well priced as was the beer. Had we not been restricted to limited funds we could probably have stayed all night.

Instead after a couple of hours we walked down through Upperthorpe to the Wellington. Two pints of Flying Scotsman were purchased and we sat down in the room on the left in again, a very busy pub - or plans for a quite night were not met on these visits but I assure you that the Blake, Red Lion,l Uni Arms and Welington are all places where you can enjoy a quiet drink.

We finished at Shakespeares with more Steel City and a beer from a new brewery, followed by half a Sorachi Face Plant, a delicious grapefruity and lemongrass-ed pale ale at 8.1% from Weird Beard. Once again Shakespeares provided the perfect finishing point to a short pub crawl.

Our final pints came last night - we popped in the Great Gatsby where Tash had a pint of Staropramen for old rimes sake, and me a pint of Saltaire Bavarian Black. Although the inside was rammed there were few people in the beer garden, so we sat outside and supped our pints slowly.

We finished in the Bath Hotel and had halves of the Wiper and True Amarillo Amber, a fantastic keg amber ale, the Buxton Moor top, a refreshing 3.6% Pale ale and the excellent Oakham Ales Citra Pale at 4.2%. We were joined by Clare and Gav and Neil and his mate which livened things up, and I had an absolutely excellent roast pork sandwich - the price has gone up to £4.00 but the portion is massive. Another great place to end what was our shortest crawl (we started in the Rutland but it was rammed) of Sheffield's edge of city pubs.

Maybe see some of you later at the Brothers Arms beer fest.....


Wee Beefy

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