Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Upcoming dotage event


       I have been slow posting again I admit but my excuse is...OK, sorry, one of my excuses is that I will soon turn a corner on the path of life. I will reach an age milestone, a deal breaking mark of my existence, a wondrous and unlikely event. Yes. I will become 40 years old.

Having lived more than half of my expected life already and, according to a fattish man who said my type 1 diabetes meant I'd be lucky to make 40, surpassed some people's expectation in doing so, I thought I would celebrate. And I would do so, by attempting to contribute to not wasting money on a 70th or similar nonsense, and have a jolly good drink. Of tasty delicious and hoppy real ale. Noms!

Those of you who know me or maybe have read this blog before may consider that this is hardly news. You are right. But as part of my enforced three days on the waggon I have nothing better to do than fantasize in writing about the beery delights to come. In summary, this means that after a swift pint or two on the day and an evening of luxury at home, there will be a do at Shakespeares, then next weekend a barbecue, where I will hopefully have a whole polypin of real ale to share and drink.

At the do there will hopefully be a pumpclip though, created and designed by myself, Miss N and Matty, to adorn the pump designed for a Blue Bee beer which I am told will be pale and hoppy at about 4.5%. It is brewed by new(ish) brew recruit Josh and may have a subtle addition....

The only downside to the celebrations is that so soon after I'll still be 40 and still be dredging through an unseemly quiche of crap, unedifying soul destroying menial work until I cease to function, or serve any useful purpose. on which basis, I suppose I'd better enjoy the celebrations...

Thanks to Chris and Tom at Shakespeares (in advance...) and Rich, Andy and Josh at Blue Bee for assisting me in toasting my upcoming dotage. I look forward to some other beer bloggers maybe posting about what happens, since I absolutely am not taking any notes. Maybe see some of you there.