Saturday, 17 March 2012

Anonymous e-mentalist comment posters


  I realise you are probably rightly questioning the title - how a poster, a printed and framed medium of communication or advertising, manages to be anonymous?

But I am talking about blogs.

To post a comment on mine, as anyone but anonymous, you have to have a google account. Which is not a problem necessarily, since most people I know sign their name. And as long as its not enabling offensive or defamatory material, it can be good. Especially since now and again a person posts something odd and fairly incongruous under such a moniker.

Now, when assessing if someone is posting a legitimate campaign of comments or links, I admit that I don't get many problems to assess. I have spam referrals but rarely have cause to worry about my comments ( I only got spam comments twice - both by signed in bloggers with adverts!). In my experience most anon comments are likely real - I know that iphone apps and similar hand held Internet devices fail to work properly on blogger. Therefore I can usually see when something is in fact a comment posted by someone on a phone, instead of by a machine.

But, as per recently, that doesn't help identify whether or not a post is from someone wishing to remain unknown...

You see, my reason for mentioning this is the emergence (if we concede that both persons are the same) of a "poster" (of comments) on Curmudgeon's blog. Since its not mine I am not commenting on the blog management, only its published public interaction.(Caveat1.)

Being the observer rather than recipient of such content, it doesn't bother me, but its unusual to see an anonymous commenter that changes their identity, whilst seemingly being the same person, more especially if you find their content interesting. Now, I realise that Curmudgeon may know this person, (though I doubt it - caveat2.) but I have seen their like nowhere else. And their odd prose style is at least recognisable on each post, even if, really, it makes no sense!

Here are a few choice lines :

"Loathesome are the sad prats ,humming with
soiled Y Fronts and festering armpits not forgetting the forlorn femmes some with worn out
sanitation,festering in early evening pseudo pubs.
Eternal Optimist
Good riddance to a "Judas" rag,pity the other
Quisling organs have'nt joined it yet.
Such as the Pub chains (you know who),most brewers,the various luke warm campaigns including the Whiskers Guild and not forgetting
the cringing regiments of KeyboardKommandos.
,the remaining half wits who stand outside near empty pubs muttering 1 decibel anger.
One day reality and democracy will emerge from
their coma,but I for one will not be holding my
breath,we have to many in"reserved occuptions"
Asphalt Fusilier"

Apologies if this is a "blogosphere" in joke that I have missed, but it seems that the blog sites settings encourage the phenomena of the rogue poster through making it so difficult to attach an identity to a comment. You could argue that the anonymous option in fact supports the emergence of such "involved" writing.

Signing in as anonymous and attaching a new moniker per post is surely easier than fannying around setting up a a new email address every time, so surely we should only be allowed to post by signing in using our email address, and then attributing a (traceable) name?

That said, the above material, rightly or wrongly, I secretly don't mind.....

Wee Beefy

N.B - Curmudgeon - I hope you don't object to my copying comments from your blog. Y (WB)

And.... who is Luke Warm, and what are occuptions?


  1. Actually once you get used to the style of this particular poster there is a strange kind of poetry in what he says. Which is why I wouldn't like to lose the facility to accept anonymous comments.

  2. I believe that Mudgie does know who this person is in fact. Over time I have come to enjoy the splendid lunacy of this particular commnenter and now usually offer a "supportive" comment to his efforts. Gloriously mad - and long may he remain so. British eccentricity at its very best.

  3. Thanks both. I am perhaps a little worried now, that I may have frightened im orff.

    Despite my scare topic tone I agree that I enjoy said authors content, even if I don't get it....

  4. I think he comes to my blog from the anti smoking ban side of things, not the beer side, so is unlikely to be reading this.

    1. That's good then, because having thought about it, there is something quite complimentary about having a regular contributor who comments on your blog, especially one who does so in poetry.

      He's like a pub culture Benjamin Zephaniah (although its unclear whether either party would find that a helpful comparison)...

  5. I think this comment was from him:

    "My town Ashton u lyne (once a garrison town) was a hub for the local SE Lancs area. 100 pubs, clubs, discos, bars, taverns catering for every taste. Now a wasteland, venues boarded up, part closed, empty, dead or part filled with the living dead. Even the salvation army has stopped selling the war cry. Wetherspoons has managed to attract the lost souls from the closed pubs, an Enterprise pub has reopened as a Kamp Karaoke venue. A thugs den does "late sessions", take a Rottweiler or a tame gorilla. Outside the bingo hall an handful of old ladies brace themselves against the ever prevalent Pennine gusts. The young slither into the tenements where cider and Smack abound."

    As I said, the last two lines sound like a Ted Hughes poem.

    Maybe I should do a "Best of Anon from Ashton" collection ;-)

    1. I have to say that is really very good. Although of course one can't be 100% certain its the same person.

      I used to write quite a bit of poetry (I realise I'm probably supposed to say "but one never really stops writing poetry" or similar) and although the above excerpt is less laid out like a poem than the others I've seen I would have been very proud to have penned those lines myself.

      You should definitely try compiling them - why not go mad and start a 4th blog?

  6. Another one here:

    Well done Chris Mar,kicking the bearded backstabbers,CAMRA, into touch
    That pathetic pack of foam snorters have done
    more damage to the Taverns of England than the
    Black Death,Oliver Cromwell,Luftwaafe and Patricia Hewitt combined.They are not alone,
    we need reminding of the million or more who
    still stand in Pub doorways like stunted skunks
    unable or unwilling to utter a squeek of complaint between them.
    points to ponder
    A gallon of Guinness........£25.60p
    A gallon of petrol.........£6.45p
    50 Grammes Rolling Tobacco £14.34p
    Worth a thought


  7. And do this on Dick Puddlecote's blog sound familiar?

    Over to you, ,Monsieur Proudon, Quote
    " representative politics,,to be watched,inspected,spied upon,directed,
    law-ridden,penned up,indoctrinated,,preached at,checked,appraised,seized,censured,commanded by beings who have neither title,knowledge or virtue."

    So let us ,hand in hand ,shoulder our keyboards ,tiptoe like tulips into a grey
    well ventilated ,low alcohol Hell,an handfull of despots doing as they wish,
    millions sat motionless ,silent and subserviant ,passive assistants all.

    We do hope most Conservatives have twigged it by now

    The Blue Few

  8. Think you may well be right on both.

    Interesting that there is such a wealth of subjects covered by our wordsmith. Still a fascinating look though, thanks as always for the nod....