Sunday, 29 March 2015

Brothers Arms Beer Festival and the Heeley Triangle

Good evening,

           well, yesterday I went to the very first Brothers Arms beer festival, and to the two other pubs in the Heeley Triangle. Of ale.... and what a night it was! Probably the busiest pub event I have ever been to, and a hugely enjoyable one to boot, with friends and fanily and new folk joining in the drinking and chatting and general badinage. Here some details.....

I arrived a bit later than planned but it was still a little light as I walked up the hill to the Brothers Arms. I knew my friends in Kingfisher Blue ere playing and as a soon as I started walking up from Chesterfield Road I could hear Jake's distinctive voice. The Brothers Arms looked spectacular in its well lit position overlooking Sheffield, and there were numerous cars parked outside - and uncountable numbers of punters inside.

Having not really looked into details of the festival I foolishly assumed all the beers would be on the bar. To be fair, it was so busy when I arrived I could only see three handpulls so chose from that - a pint of Blue Bee called Brewers Gold and a half of the strong Black Mass from Abbeydale Brewery - which came to a very good value £3.90. It probably only took 5 minutes to get served - and just as long again to get outside to see Kingfisher.

Which I did, but only for the last 3 songs, although in some ways this was good because it included Plastic Jesus, a favourite of mine (and not because it includes a rude word), as well as a rousing singalong finisher before they had to leave the stage. I saw Angie, Rich , Wee Keefy, Jambon, Jo, Paddington and a lady and a lass called Caitlin who turned out to be Jambon's daughter. We chatted for a while outside (in teh cold rain and wind) before fining a small corner to stand inside near the door.

I then discovered the festival bar was outside, at the end of the tent at the opposite end to the stage. I handed back my empties and struggled outside once more and ended up with a pint of Rational Black IPA from Blue Bee and a delicious half of something dark and hoppy from Hawkshead. By this time Wee Keefy and Jambon et al had decamped to the Sheaf view having been at the Brothers for 4 hours, so I went back out and had a pint of a hoppy beer from Oakham and possibly half a Blackjack - alas, so busy was it, I didn't even get to photograph the blackboard advertising the beers!

After chatting with Ally and Malc, Rich and Carlos (and Andy - hello!) I finished up and headed down to the Sheaf View. One of the knock on effects of the Brothers being so rammed was that many people migrated to the other points of the triangle, nearest of which was the Sheaf. I know it gets very busy on a Saturday night anyway, but this was another heaving venue. In keeping with recent posts, and bearing in mind this was only last night, am afraid I can't remember what I had to drink. That's proper journalism...!

Our final stop was at the White Lion. We managed to get in the snug and sat down to enjoy a [pint of Sequoia for me (since the Jaipur had run out) and to chat and catch up. The pub was likewise busy, and there may also have been a band on when we got there. Great evidence, across the three, of the benefits of holding a beer festival in one of the pubs in he Heeley Triangle. Of ale.....

I got in a taxi towards Crookes without Carlos alas, and jumped out at Brook Hill - I did ask the taxi driver t stop of course. I then ran very quickly down Brook Hill to the Shakespeares to grab a pint and to chat to Mr Bamford who seemed a little tired.

Am hoping to nip back to the Brothers in a bit, especially as there is a Siren beer that was yet to come on last night. I may even splash out on a pizza if they are available - they smelled and looked gorgeous. Congratulations to the Brothers Arms for organising such a fantastic beer festival.


Wee Beefy

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  1. It was good wasn't it? We went there after the On The Edge event. I had great Wild beers and a nice rye one by Pig & Porter. Wife had a rum cider! They're doing well there.