Friday 30 December 2022

A night out in sunny Sheffield!

 Afternoon readers - long time no write I admit!

Yesterday was my day off and I decided to make my first ever trip to the Itchy Pig up at Banner Cross - its been open a year or so (possibly) and I felt I deserved a look...

I was quickly into town on the peasant tractor, and after much guesswork I figured out where the Ecclesall Road busses left from, and walked a long way up the side of Arundel Gate to find a timetable free bus stop - although to be fair I didn't wait long for the 88, and the driver assured me he was going to Banner Cross. Within 15 minutes had got off at a building numbered near that of the Itchy Pig, but  having worked out it was on the other side of the road I popped in the Banner Cross Hotel.

Inside they had a choice of 4 cask from the past, but nothing I wanted to taste on keg, but I opted for a pint of Moonshine at £3.90 a pint and sat by myself at a big table ignoring the darts being shown on a big screen - the pub was quite busy, but I didn't linger long.

Accross Ecclesall Road and up I found the Itch Pig and was likewise pleased to discover a good range of real ales on cask (ftp) along with an excellent range of Keg. I started on a pint of Torrside and Grizzly Grains collab at 4.8% on cask called Big Words, and sat at one of the tables near the entrance. Its notable that the door needs to be closed properly to stop it partially opening once you are in, and sadly about 3 people entering and sitting at the back did not maanage this, but I was more observant of how popular it was! There were absolutely loads of people after about ten minutes!

Next up was a p[int of Azvex Disco Castle pale ale at 4.2% on keg from the future and that was likewise excellent - got chatting to two gents sat near me and I asked them if it was feasible to walk to the Rising Sun at Nether Green and they assured me it was. After some early confusion about direction I found the first turn on my directopms but sadly not the next...

After stopping somebody I headed for what I thought was Carrington Road but nevertheless ended up on Rustlings road before finding Oakbrook Road to clamber up - sadly I did not find Nethergreen road but I did make it up to Ranmoor on Fullwood road and so I was soon at the Rising Sun.

This pub was likewise very busy and I started on a pint of Abbeydale Black Mass at 6.6% on cask from the past, and found an empty table to sit at viewing the crowd of people who were drinking - and drinking only - as the kitchen was closed.

After finishing my cftp I had a whole pint of Deliverance on keg - with Sabro, Talus and HBC 472 in a gloriously hoppy IPA with Yakima Chief! I will say that the cask was quite expensive - I know am way out with my desire not to pay more than a pound a percent but the Black Mass was £5.40 a pint on cask from the past - a style in which my experience is that its always far cheaper...

Leaving for the 120 I was soon heading down West Street and got off half way along to head onto Trippet Lane. I popped into the Dog and Partridge for one and had another Sheffield brewed pint - Abbeydale Hibernator pale on cftp and it was delicious!

I finished my night in the Shakespeares where I know I had another pint of Electric Bear also on cftp, although am unsure what I had next - am guessing a pale...

So, 5 busy pubs, one new route, and plenty of excellent beers to plug the gap between Christmas and New Year in fine, sunny, Sheffield!


Wee Beefy

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