Tuesday, 23 March 2021


 Evening all,

        When there was a Magic Rock Cannonball run at Shakespeares way back in the days when Verdant changed Howl to Allen, I started on a third of Chubbles. Arguably the fact it was a third, in my mind, somehow normalises the fact that this combo with The Veil Brewing was a whopping 10%. On that day, much of which was spent sat in the sunshine with the lovely Vikkie, I tried halves of all three of the Cannonball versions and enjoyed a can of Verdant Allen, but the Chubbles really stood out.

Since then have likely only ever had a can of it once. And this year, I missed buying a can from Beer Central on two separate occasions, such was it's popularity......

Luckily the man Luke at Dronfield Beer Stop has got quite a range of Cloudwater beers in. As I may have already mentioned, probably because am using a roobish version of Windows on my PC I registered as a key worker (as I am) on the Cloudwater website but that said my card wasn't valid. I have since found out this is due to using Vista. I have therefore been unable to order beers from Cloudwater brewery's website. Luckily there were cans of both Chubbles and chubbles 2 available - in fact, as a chum in the business confirmed, there is even a third version. Being a sensible chap I simply ordered a can of each. They were exceptional.

Am all too aware that there's a chance I may like "easy drinking" aspects more so even than the blend  of hops in the soupy brews that I sup. That's my suggestion, based solely on my own observations. The thing is, I do rank that aspect very highly. And I have tried many beers recently which lasted 5 or 10 minutes a can. Had I not enjoyed it so much previously, one of these cans may have been dispatched similarly quickly.

In addition to the above that includes the balance of a drink - and Cloudwater do now and again confirm the specific hops they use in particular brews. As not in this case, all I can say is that it tasted exactly how I remembered it - although I sadly have to admit that the amount of boohar I consumed thereafter possibly renders my memories of that exercise somewhat less supportive.

Interestingly the Chubbles 11 is an 8% version that states "discovery of pilsengris" on the front. Sadly, as the oldest man on earth, am not sure if this is an ingredient or beer style but I have to say that am certain that this was even better than the mighty first Chubbles!

Its important to admit that usually 8% is not a noticable drop in strength (although those brilliant original Cloudwater DIPAs were all 9% if I recall) but I was a little disappointed pre trying - and I had no reason. This of course makes the tasting of other Cloudwater + 6% beers afterwards  even more interesting. And now I have a regular supply, albeit without my key worker discount, I fully intend to purchase a few every month.

Am not sure how many were brewed and canned, but if you aren't concerned about higher ABV beers, and also didn't discover your impression of strong beers based on sickly sweet 1970s barley wines, I would highly recommend you give a can a try.

The very best of health!

Wee Beefy

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