Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sunshine pints


    I have to report that a sudden surprise sunburst has sent persons scampering to the public house here in Sheff. Luckily, your faithful reporter was there to record the phenomenon...

Uni Arms

 After fannying around at the hospital for important stuff I was walking down Western Bank, spotting the outdoor Special Brew enthusiasts hatefully arguing near the bus stop, before I ventured in the University Arms for beer and stuff.

Managing to make the pub
seem fearsome...
Here I tried pints of Pot Belly Hop Trotter, their Ambrosia and Acorn Bullion IPA. The Hop Trotter was a feindishly tasty refreshing beer with a moreish bite that meant I required two pints. The Acorn was heavily hopped and stood up well. The Pot Belly Ambrosia, alas, was a disjointed affair with toffee and malt and hops. leading to a harsh ascorbic finish followed by a vegetable aftertaste. Like Frog and Parrot full mash with hops thrown in after.


Moving on next I popped into Dada, obviously frightened by the steaming ball in the sky, I desired a shady joint to spend my time in. Good conversatio was on hand and this was a great accompaniement to halves of Black Harry, Bath Gem and Thornbridge Jaipur. The Thornbridge Jaipur was still not back in my favourites stable but still a decent drop as was the Black Harry, but the Gem lived up to its name with a zesty fruity balance of malt and hops.


Final resting place was Shakespeares, where it was stronger ones to finish, sat in the beer garden. A half of Revolutions Identity XSB, 6.0%, and a pint of the excellent Raw Anubis Porter was my tiring menu. Whether a trick of the heat and fatigue or not I wasn't sold on the C60 offering but the porter was all I had hoped for. A cool and comfortable end to a short night out in the (often unfindable) sun!

More news soon....

Wee Beefy

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