Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wee Beefy's pub bites. Again.

Good evening,

   heres just a few crumbs of info on some Sheffield pubs.

Unchanged Cranes

Rumours of uncorroborated difference and unsettling unusualness in the 3 Cranes appear greatly over exaggerated. By myself. In on Tuesday evening with Waaarf, I noted Moonshine, Camerons Strongarm and Doom Bar were on out of the regulars, so I went for Moonshine. However, Luke confirmed that there was a Blue Bee Tangled Up IPA on the way, and a dark and a light Welbeck Abbey brewery beer to come. If I get chance to get in Friday or Saturday I hope I'll have chance to sample one of them. As an aside, in case not previously reported, there is a card machine at the Cranes, albeit with a £5.00 limit, but as more and more pubs are catching on to its convenience, that can only be a good thing. I was able to go straight in from work without detouring to a cash machine, and thus not wasting valuable beer time.

The Lescar, Sharrowvale.

Not been in the Lescar Hotel for a while, not since a leaving do in August. I can't really escape form the fact that i have had a mixed bag of experiences in there, with some fascinating approaches to keeping and serving beer, but also some notably excellent pints, like a pint of White Shield on my first visit, and a bevvy of stunners last night (Chala, Jacqui and Mandy, you can all share this accolade with the beers....).

First up was a pint of Box Steam Tunnel Vision, a refreshing, delicate but not weakly flavoured 4.2% session beer which lasted an expensive dearth of time. Next up I had a pint of Mike Halls (Dark Angel Brewery/Cropton) Cherry Porter, which was powerful in the roast malt and creamy in the finish, and had just enough cherry to be honest, but not enough to make me cringe. Brilliant.

I also tried the Wold Top Grain of Truth, which was a typical Wold Top offering (and I mean that in a good way), but alas it was quite "advanced" in proceedings by the time I did, so my recollections amount to it being a nice beer! Even so, that's an excellent range (also York Terrier and I think Moonshine); not least because I only got to try the Box Steam brewery's offerings for the first time in September at the excellent North Star in Steventon Oxfordshire, so I consider it a rare visitor to these parts.

We were sat at the right of the bar near the doorway to the back room and there is a very large blackboard on the wall advertising current and upcoming beers. On this visit every one was served in tip top condition, and the breadth of choice seen and promised persuades me I'll be back again soon.


I have written their name different to normal because of some Thornbridge promo material I spotted printing the name as above. I don't care which way it is personally, but I wouldn't want to be getting it wrong. That would be too much to bare...

Not that there is any such clarity on the outside of the pub mind. Anyarr, beers wise it was as you were the other day in terms og "guests" ( I consider left hand pumps 3 and 4 thus), but on the regular pulls Wild Swan replaced Sequoia and Lord Marples the Black Harry. I obviously had the rather more scintillating delights of Pollards coffee milk stout, a kind of disorientating beer manna that makes me smile and cancel plans, and another half of their oddly enjoyable pecan and oyster pale ale Puja. This time the perfumed notes were lost a little, but its still an interesting beer. The fact that I insist on taking the piss out of the concept of the ingredients and then insist on buying it should perhaps demonstrate that I am trying to pretend I don't like it...

Jamie informs me that some of them thar Magic Rock beers will be on the bar soon including Cannonball, on cask. Am looking forward to trying that since it was only available in key keg on the brewery launch night. Worth a pop in if only to get the Pollards which I predict the Magic Rock will dislodge.


Wee Beefy


  1. What are the prices like at the Lescar now? When they did it up, the prices seemed to rise enormously?!? Used to be able to get a decent pint for less than £2, memories...

  2. Fail mate. Its £3.00 a pint on average. That said, its no more expensive than any of the other Sharrow pubs until you get to the Sheaf Island Spoons.