Saturday, 14 February 2015

Give a sausage to someone cho love


         its the yearly orgy of fake messages of love, over priced cards and horrendous meals in places that normally might offer a decent service, but for this weekend, become incapable of doing so. There is schmaltzy cheese music playing, couples in their later years squeezed into clothes they loved when they met decades earlier, fake hearts everywhere you look, and everyone is ordering stuff to eat ans drink like their lives depend on it. If only there was a more agreeable way to spend Valentines day?

Well, luckily, there is. The Three Tuns, Silver Street Head, Sheffield, is until Sunday having Sausage Fest 2015. I did ask if this was the 2015th consecutive festival they had run but this was deemed to be a "joke" so I can't confirm, but it does at least take place in 2015, so points there for accuracy. I have to say however, am annoyed that they didn't realise this enquiry was representative of my renowned journalistic rigour....

I went on Thursday night to find Reet Pale on the bar from Blue Bee, their Tempest Stout and also Blue Bee Sausage Fest 2015, a dry hopped 5.0% IPA. This was deliciously hoppy, pale (obviously) and surprisingly easy to drink, so myself and the musician Mr David Howard had numerous pints of this beer. To be fair, and with the greatest respect to The Tuns, who is a person, the first night was slightly chaotic.

We definitely needed to drink a number of pints in the time we waited for our food. Well, my food. I'm not convinced that young David actually eats, instead subsisting on tobacco and alcohol. Issues with delays in food times included missing catering staff and a table of gluttons who, I was told by David, had ordered approximately 1 thousand courses of sausage, piled high on their table.

Whatever the reason for the delay, I am happy to confirm that the lovely Dave behind the bar apologised and recompensed us, and the three sausages and chips I had were delicious. And according to Faceache, many people have visited since and really enjoyed the food and beer on offer.

For those interested, I chose a chorizo, a game and venison and a pork and apple sausage. All were cooked to perfection and incredibly tasty. The range includes ones made with Blue Bee Brewery beer, with Sheffield Honey Co honey, steak and Guinness, smokey BBQ, caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar, a gluten free, 3 vegetarian sausage types, and many more. There is also a trio of Sheffeld sausages, and sausage and cider casserole. Its a porcine (or tofu) dream. The link to the pub on Twatter is here, for details, and their website is here.

So, if you have a loved one, an elderly relative, child or pet, or someone you care about at all, please take them to Sausage Fest today. Show them how you really feel with tubes of flavoured meat. It makes "porkfect"* sense.

*Clears throat.

Wee Beefy

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