Monday, 10 November 2014

Dryvember. Sort of.....


                     this month Miss N is attempting to not drink alcohol in November. This is half of the word Dryvember you see. I have expertly taken two parts of both words to create an entirely new one. It turns out, this is the most successful part of Dryvember thus far....

The challenge came about when Matty, Miss N's son, and Miss N, agreed to pick a month in 2014 when one of them would not drink. Matty chose July, when I saw him drink at least 3 times, and Miss N November. Straight away that impacted on Wee Fatha's birthday celebrations so the challenge was altered to be dry, apart from 4 occasions. I decided that I should join in this undertaking in support.

You may argue that drinking on 4 occasions in one moth isn't a dry month. You would be correct. You may also read the next statement - that we have only reduced our imbibing to every other day so far - and think we have failed. But you would be wrong. We had, previously, drunk every day but 2 in the last 4 months. That is excessive and expensive! So, in fact, Dryvember has already been a comparative success.  

Last night it was suggested that drinking only every other day was in itself a form of moderation. Such has been the excess of our, more so my, consumption this year, our tolerance levels and speed of drinking have dropped. Therefore, we are drinking significantly less than we did in say, July. I hope this doesn't come across as a cry for recognition, its nothing of the sort, just a short musing on the challenges faced and tackled by us in reducing the amount we drink.

I think I will manage a whole week, or maybe even from now until 22nd November when I am going to Cropton beer festival. Even if I don't I will still save money and reduce pressure on my bladder, and, ahem, other affected areas....

Luckily, drinking once every other day does of course still allow indulgence that can be written about - this is therefore also an advert for upcoming reviews of beer festivals, beer tents and pubs visited in the last fortnight.

And in anticipation of such, expect my Sheffield 40th beer festival review later!


Wee Beefy

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