Tuesday, 25 March 2014



         just a short post to point out am alive but my P.C went haywire a fortnight ago or more and I only just got back on the net. So, normal service will resume in April I hope. but I need a proper computer to blog on....

The other info concerns Wee Fatha who nearly a fortnight ago left hospital for some respite care and physio for a month - he is already planning his first trip out when he gets out, to the Royal Cottage pub and the Quiet Woman at Earl Sterndale. His getting better is obviously great news as is the determination shown in getting back to the pub - all details will of course be shared on here.

My only recent ale news is that I went to the Brewdog bar in Sheffield last night with Miss N and yes its quite pricey and has no real ale, however, they do have bottles of Fantome saison, the large ones, at a rather good value £10.00 a bottle. For that reason alone, I suggest you pop your head in and stop for a drink or two. It was a pleasant surprise when we went. More details on that in April as well.


Wee Beefy


  1. Morning,
    It's good to hear about your dad getting better.
    Look forward to seeing your posts, mate.

  2. Good news about Wee Fatha, look forward to seein you in the pub, or reading about it if not!

  3. Sweet news about your Dad. You hew the hops truly Beef Monger!