Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ten important people in the 1980's

         in the roller-coaster of social and family events of late I have forgotten to post my annual round up of frankly bizarre search terms that have led folks to these hallowed pages. Its perhaps worth reminding you that I borrowed this idea from the sadly missed Simon Johnson - I was a fan of his Googlefail round ups, not least by the consistent appearance in his search terms list of "Sue Holdernesses's cleavage" having brought up his blog.

In the last two years the internet, mainly via Indian hosted sex sites, has made quite an effort to lead people to mine, and I have been recording some of the search terms used throughout 2013. Below is a list of the strangest:

Barmaid garden of Eden
Beautiful Scottish beefy men
Bar sandalwood fanny
Civic crown winner beefy
10 important people in the 1980s
What is expectation dichotomy
He weee eeh
Big beefy truckers
Are there ever monks in buxworth
Woman found dead in Crosspool
Delicensed pubs for sale in crewe
Division smegma
Beefy mongers
Which artist painted the cow picture....
All hail the beeflords review
Cobden peach festival
How to have a wee at a festival
Antidisestablishmmentariansim colin j
Premier Inn Shotts dirty women
Unwashed penis photos of beefy men

My absolute favourite, with apologies to her family, has to be "woman found dead in Crosspool". Quite how disappointed one might be with finding a beer blog after searching out such information is difficult to measure. But at least it doesn't reference hairy penises. So, hey. things are looking up....

Here's to less hairiness in 2014!

Beefalot x


  1. Superb! Especially the last one... Makes you wonder!

  2. But now I really want to know if there are monks in Buxworth....

    1. Probably not...mainly because Buxworth, near Whaley Bridge, was originally called Bugsworth, but the appointed local purist was uncomfortable with such a moniker and decided the village folk should live in Buxworth instead. No monk would stand for that ? Would they?

    2. It may leach credibility from the above, but I can confirm I was a trifle refreshed when I wrote it. Tis true though....