Thursday, 8 August 2013


Now then,

        despite the c-units at hijacking this blog am ploughing on with info about stuff, not to mention things. The last week, for instance, has been busy but rewarding, and here are some details about why.

Last week I had two fantastic sessions with friends in Shakespeares. You've seen the Shakespeares. The first saw me supping a pint of the Liverpool Organic beer with a Higsons mat on the front. Obviously it had a name, but this info is from 8 days agpo. You've got NO chance, seriously... I moved onto a half and then more halves of the much vaunted and eagerly awaited Moor and Arbor collaboration alliance stout at 1 million per cent. Of course, I jibe, it was only 9.2%. Only.

Crucially it was a bout £2.00 a pint cheaper than the Rutland which is why I had waited so long to try it. Yeah, I could have paid over the odds, but why bother? There are many reasons why one pub charges more than another, and the Shakespeares free house status plays a part - but that doesn't excuse the absurdities of the Sheffield Tap on any grounds, to use an example.

Anyhoo, I interspersed between the double dark alliance and another beer which was on, and was dark - whatever it was it was very nice and was likely from Salamander. Always a reliable source of dark ales.

On my next visit I was on pints of the Mallinsons kjuwregtew6546984dsgfs hop beer. Yep. That's right. I have absolutely no idea what beer that was. But it was new hop, with a 3 and a b in it, and it was delicious. I had a pint and a half. Afterwards I met a friend to head for the Wellington. In here we supped a surprisingly and unusually poor Harley's Sorachi - not off, just tired. We sat in the sun enjoying it before moving onto the Ship.

The Ship featured my favourite Bradfield and indeed summer session beer Bradfield Pale at 5.0%. A few pints of this mighty quaffable pale were despatched whilst listening to an odd but eclectic mix of tunes and catching up with a fab friend. Before long however, Shakespeares beckoned once more. And, I confess, this wasn't a research night. So I have no idea what passed my lips.

Finally, on Monday I was off to Crookes with the Wee men for a meal. Our surprising choice was the Ball, previous battlefield of ill informed staff and Greedy King hate policies, to see if their new softer side, i.e. the food, was up to scratch. To my surprise it was. Prior to my arrival I had warmed up at the Closed Shop with an excellent half of Blue Bee Tangled Up, (although, perhaps a little sweeter than normal?), and a pint of the impeccable;e XT Dark Mild. Nom.

In the Ball, pints of the new Abbeydale Invocation made with hops from space, and also Bradfield Farmers Stout, were supped. WK was on the stout all night and WF tried the Copper Dragon Black Gold and a half of the Kelham Sweet Home Alabama.

The beer quality was very good and much to my surprise the food was excellent. I'd expected oven by numbers pubco (Greedy King are that, but worse lets face it) fare but it was, whether by trick or hard work, bloody nice food, and although we all went for full price dishes the 2 for..erm,....less offer featured some great meals.

So, in conclusion, that rounds off a fantastic week of mostly excellent beer and completely fabulous company, which I hope to repeat again soon.


Wee Beefy

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