Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Re-closed Closed Shop reopening.....

  Yes, I know.

                I did this silly alliterative gag last time, and its a bit cheap and sad to do it again. So, um...well, sometimes its best to just stick to what you know.

Anyhoo this is just a quick post to convey precisely all of the above information in the title in a slightly longer and less user friendly format. So you may wish to read on....

The Closed Shop on Commonside only reopened in February but had already built up a good reputation (some hairy man even blathered on about it in a magazine or something) and now, after 3 weeks being closed, the pub is to reopen following a refurbishment, on Thursday 25th July at 18.00.

I'm sure Mr Stephens will be thick skinned enough to see the "hilarious" irony of him not being able to close the pub for refurbishment as intended, back when winter was still upon us, and instead having to close at the very beginning of a three week heatwave. I mean, you gotta laugh... (optional). Still, with any luck there will be more shiny hot weather to come so the beer garden will once again be available to enjoy, along with the no doubt equally shiny new interior, topped off with an expanded range of real ales.*

Other promised changes include the new kitchen which will see them able to serve food  -  a source close to the business confirmed that previously, the kitchen not existing had rendered the preparation of food in it an impossible task, but that the installation of a kitchen had been considered the most logical step to overcoming the problem of their not having one. Despite my insider knowledge, I'm not certain of exactly when the food menu will be available -  but I can bet a substantial amount of money on there being plenty of good quality beer on when the official reopening gets underway.

There is also to be an exhibition of artwork at the pub from Thursday through until 1st October - for ease of reference, here is a link to a website from the Internet regarding the same.  

Hopefully some of you can join the glitterati of the Sheffield real ale and pub scene, along with myself,  tomorrow night, for a much deserved welcome back to the redoubtable Shop.

Wee Beefy

*subject to my having remembered this right. AKA research.....

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