Monday, 28 January 2013

A lush week - part one.

Now then,

     its been a busy Beefy week and, apart from doing meaningful stuff like filling out a job application, am afraid much of my endeavour has been in soaking up various potations in pubs. You'll quickly spot that this is not actually a new development - so I'll elucidate.

Tuesday saw me completing the tasks of shopping and filling out a job application form by starting in the Bath Hotel. Ruefully short in opportunities or inspiration to do either, I ended up simply "drinking" and having a conversation. Yeah, I know. Nowhere near as much fun as writing out examples of experience against a competency framework. Beer was excellent Amber Ales offerings, a pint or two of Derbyshire Gold, and half of their slightly odd (but better mixed with the Gold) Jasmine IPA.

I popped in Betty's for a now noticeably smaller fishcake butty before struggling up to Harrisons for a chat with Bob, Linda and Dave and a pint. Bradfield Farmers Blonde, was, unsurprisingly, mu tipple of choice. The countdown begins to the imminent departure of Barraharri - seems another night out will have to be had.

Down to the Red Deer and it was quiz night, hosted by a man who, alas, since the subject was enquiries and acquisitions (or similar), couldn't pronounce enquiry.being a bit sad and petty, I sniggered a little. Beers wise I had halves of Oakwell Dark Mild and Hook Norton Cotswold Lion, with the Dark probably edging it.

Rumour has it I ended up at DAda next, which makes sense since i have a hazy recollection (this is nearly a week ago, come on!) of speaking to Jamie. Luckily my camera remembered to take a pic or two, nudging my memory sufficiently to recall a pint of Hophead Galaxy, a tremendously tasty refreshing hoppy beer from Dark Star, and a half of their Smoked Porter, which isn't particularly smoked. Or portery.

My final stop was to ahve been the Church House but approaching the doorway at 22.00 I found the sugn being taken inside. Apparently they were closing early due to there being no customers. Granted it was quiet everywhere and dire weather but this is not a positive sign.

My last drinks were in the Rutland, where I had a pint of the Chantry Dark, which was excellent, and half an Ilkley Big Chief IPA, which was...enormous. I also had a chat with a bloke called Ken form Chesterfield about pubs, which is a fine way to pass half an hour, before I escaped to do the shopping that I had planned to definitely do. Alas the form would have to wait.

Wednesday was a DAda day again, this time Annie and Ems were the bar masters and I was meeting up with old friends for pints and catching up. Christingpher, Suooz and Angie made up the thirsty foursome (although some were thirstier than others, myself being in the first camp) and I enjoyed many pints of Hophead Galaxy and half a Partridge from Dark Star, plus a very slowly drunk Thorngbridge Thorny Goat on Keykeg.

I think what with recent thoughts about dispense methods its worth pointing out that it is about a pound dearer than on cask, and its extra cold chill negates the more rounded elements of the flavour. Remember - not all good beer, is good on Keykeg....*

Spo that rounds off part 1 of my weeks round up, more news later. Cheers.

Wee Beefy

*It's perhaps a cheap shot, but my spell-checker does not recognise Keykeg, instead it suggests I write EKG. Perhaps the ElectroCardioGram (ECG is the English version) is pertinent given the palputations you might feel at paying 20 or 25% more for colder beer. Ahem. I'll get me coat....

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