Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cretan bulletin

       Hello (yassas)

   just a quick message from Crete. There is relatively little to report in terms of Cretan breweries, imagined or otherwise and unfortunately I haven't made it to Chania this time so no opportunity has been had to check if the Charma brand is still produced.

Brinks Rethimnian organic is available in restaurants in Rethymnon, but few bars stock it, except those charging a premium. I am staying in Plakias on the South coast and one of the contributory factors in choosing this destination was the availability of Craft beer from Athens. Mercifully, I have been able to find it. I'm not saying it would make the holiday experience much less enjoyable if it had not been on sale, but lets just say its a damned relief that it is available.

On the rocks bar in Plakias is still the place to go for Craft - they have the pilsner on draught (Euro 4.00) as well as their full bottled range for about 3 Euro, but otherwise its Draught Alfa or Mythos, between 3 and 4 Euro, and rebadge contract brewed German copies like Kaiser.

The only other notable news is the emergence of a schooner measure - the 500ml large measure is ambiguous enough but a Schooner at 400ml is a bit mean when its still 4 Euro a pop.

So that's all I have, can't wait to have a lovely pint of real ale in my hand - in the rain, soon

Wee Beefy


  1. You will find the good stuff, Wish I were there beating off the lizards. Enjoy y'self XX

    1. Thanks man, it was great, spent every available night in On the rocks - a review to follow methinks...