Saturday, 4 August 2012

Upcoming beer events


    August is a damned busy month for me this year, so posts will br fewer even than than last month, but hopefully I will have time to tell you about pubs, beers, trips out, trips away, and as today, upcoming beery events.

Firstly Sheftival is on this weekend here in sunny Sheffield, and I understand that there will be real ale available. Its a shame I haven't had chance to try some of the pubs in the area recently, but based on hearsay and reviews I can suggest the following venues for a decent pint :

The former Coach and Horses on Attercliffe Road, now operating as the Don Valley Hotel, appears to be selling real ale;
The Carlton lower down Attercliffe Road carries a range of real ales;
(always assuming they are still open) The Cocked Hat always used to sell the good stuff. Ten minutes up from there is
The Sportsman in Darnall, who always serve at least one real ale at very reasonable prices.

I understand there is to be a Don Valley ale trail, so you may find that all of these pubs are included in that, more details from sheftival , although you may have to go along to find out about the ale trail.

Further afield,  the excellent Barley Mow in Bonsall, Derbyshire was advertising a beer festival when we went past yesterday. There were no dates on the poster but this weekend, indeed NOW! is the World Hen Racing championship which is being held at the pub. So although I can't be certain, I'm optimistic that the beer fest will be on this weekend, and even if not, there's 5 excellent real ales on the bar, and the "unmissable" hen racing to go at. See their link for more info.

Also worth a trip away to visit, the Worcester beer and cider festival runs from 16 to 18 August at the racecourse. Worcester is a good destination for lovers of unspoilt pubs, as you could easily factor in a visit or two whilst in the area, as well as visiting the festival. As with all the info provided in this post, I am actually quite jealous - because I can't make it to any of these events. If you can, you could find more info at worcester's beer festival website.

A bit later in the month The Nook, officially the Rose and Crown pub in Holmfirth, are holding an Ale'ympics event, a beer festival running from 24th to 26th August to include the bank holiday weekend. Paper lovers can pick up a flier (flyer?) at Archer Road Beer Stop here in Sheffield, or perhaps just follow this alelinkpics link to their website for more gen.

Finally, a bit of "duh" news for those of you with bad memories or only just able to access the Internet for the first time, a beer fest called the GBBF starts August 7th and runds through until the 11th. Its in that London. Apparently its quite big. See the Internet or any CAMRA publication for details.

That's all for now, hopefully some of you can grace some of the above events, more news coming later today about Sheffield pubs and beers.

Wee Beefy

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