Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wee Beefy's weekend pub bites

Greetings once again,

  as promised here are a few details of my weekend boozers and boozings....

As already (sort of) covered yesterday, one of my weekend destinations was the Old House. Having commented in some detail already all I can really add is a reminder of how good the Farmers Stout is - just think, its not just a late opening venue that serves any real ale, but a range of 5 always including a dark. We are truly spoilt....

Kelham Island Tavern

No photo am afraid as for whatever reason I don't seem to have any photo's of this boozer apart from 1 I used before. Since I strive not to use a pic twice am going to remember to get a snap next time, but leave this segment text only for now. In around 22.00 on Saturday there was a good selection of ales on offer as always. Mind you, I was surprised to see an Adnams offering (alas not tried) and a Greedy King? {Perhaps I imagined the latter)

Arriving after a modicum of earlier refreshment our first drinks were perhaps an unsuitable choice. Me and Mr Robbery had both decided to have a pint of quaffable low gravity Thwaites Nutty Black but caved in and had  Derby Brewing Co Porter (there was also Old Moor and Gorlovka from Acorn, but we erroneously assumed tey'd be too strong). For whatever reason we both found the Derby beer hard work.

Mr R didn't help his cause by switching to a Nutty Black afterwards, and I caved in and had a pale beer. Mr Williams recommended Abbeydale Deception, which in fact fitted the bill perfectly, and demonstrated some unusual perfumed notes that I hadn't previously noted. Mr R then moved onto the Deception as well after that, and I the Pictish Brewers Gold which I haven't had for years. It didn't taste as I remembered, much drier and less rounded, but still enjoyable. In the end I finished on another Deception.

It's still notable that the Kelham has a fantastic range of beers even if there seemed to be a Derby and Acorn theme that night, and its a great place for a late-ish pint of a weekend. We ended up going form here to Bungalows and Bears. One downside, out of the pubs control, was the fact that some idiots had turned up intent on causing an argument. I didn't get to see how the disagreement unfolded but it was clear that someone or maybe more than one had seriously lost the plot. Considering that the parting shot of one of the hysterical group was that the beer was shit, I think its safe to say these were untypical as well as unwelcome visitors to the Kelham Tav....

Bungalows and still real Beers

We had headed for the Old House initially but the venue was completely rammed and we weren't allowed, in, so having ignored the B&B for months I suggested we popped in. Inside it was loud and busy but not unpleasantly so and we were able to get a seat at a table affording some interesting people watching on the street catwalk outside. The York Terrier was still available so have to consider this the regular beer. Also available was Moonshine, which I had a pint of. It was kept in good condition as well. Its a shame if they have decided not to pursue a guest beer policy such as when they had the Hopleaf beer on but it was still nice to get a proper pint.

Sunday sleepy pints - Sheffield Tap

The next day Fluffy, who I had been out to meet on Saturday, was off home. He had met up with SMS and John his Dad at the Rutland about 13.00 but was finding it hard going after a weekend of excess - join the club mate! I met him in a refreshingly empty Sheffield Tap around 2PM for a restorative tincture.

Although not clarified previously, it was at te Tap that I had the brilliant Brodies Citra. Not only that, but it formed part of probably the best beer range I have encounterd in a pub this year. I had a pint of the excellent Moorhouses Pendle Porter next, whilst John was on the Black Harry from Thornbridge and Fluff sampled  many of the offerings as well.

My next pint was the Kirkstall Dissolution, which was  a pleasant pale beer but not up to the standard of some of their recent excellent ales. I also had a half of the Thornbridge Galaxia which was a refreshing but less hoppy than expected pale ale, and then to finish, the truly fantastic Red Willow Brewery Faithless Black IPA at 7.2%.

It had all the astringent hoppiness and necessary bite of its style but was brilliantly rounded with warming and creamy malt flavours, making a strong velvety bitter dark beer that was in the peak of condition. It was also very easy to drink for such a strong beer, and even the stronger flavours didn't jar. Notwithstanding that there were also two Magic Rock beers and 3 other Thornbridge to choose from, I think this was essentially a beer lovers heaven. Full marks to the team at the Sheffield Tap for allowing me to escape from my hangover alive and providing me with two of the best beer experiences I have had in 2012.

Wee Beefy. 


  1. Im usually not a big fan of the Tap, but that was a really nice hour with good beer and good friends. It was really nice just sauntering up to the bar and getting served straight way (and having a seat).If only The Tap could be like that all the time (would probably go out of business though).

  2. I too have reservations about the Tap, especially if I go on a Friday night or any weekday around 18.00. Its reliable busy-ness (otherwise it looks like business?) is usually what makes me think twice about a visit, but I have realised over the last few months that the standard and range of beer is impeccable.