Sunday, 22 January 2012

Miniature morsels of bowz neeowz....

Good tidings,

    I have just a few snippets of finely trimmed beer strands for you tonight.

Deda da da

I seem to have accidentally ensconced mi sen in the Dee Dah (Dada, if you insist) three nights running. Thursday's visit was a mission to reappraise but made all the more enjoyable by the staff so I had no reservations in bringing Waaaaarf and Thangor the Motherinlaw there on Friday, especially with the "Pub Scrawl" do being on.
That said I confess I didn't see much art apart from a penis themed scribble on the wall on the left, so perhaps I missed something. Either way, beer was the main feature as always and didn't disappoint. Thangor had a half of unfiltered Bernard Pilsner, Chala a half of Thornbridge Mechelen ( I and her thought at the time it was a Mikkeller which was a very interesting scenario given his brewing pedigree, but I concede that the malty Belgian ale style should have rung alarm bells...). It was not.

Nevermind though, I had a pint of Fyne Highlander to start then as Chala grabbed a Timmermans I ordered halves of Tzara and Versa. The Versa was far less hoppy and much more banana weighted than I recalled and the Tzara was cloudy and perhaps relatedly so, unrecognisable, yet still nice. Perhaps it was the bottom of the key-keg - no beer dispense is infallible after all....

Alas we had time only for these drinks here on Friday.

Interestingly some gents who rolled up at the bar Saturday claimed that Dee-dah was a word used to describe folks from Barnsley but I felt sure it was a Barnsley term for us -  at the risk of igniting a storm here, which one is it? 

Harrisons 1854

After a brief sojourn to have very expensive but delicious wine in the Leopold Hotel we parted company and I headed to the 1854. Here I had more wine and a delicious pint of Farmers Blonde, given that the Deception was a trifle cloudy. Much good conversation was had, including Dave showing his excellence at ice smashing, as the photo below attempts to report....
I had a goodly stint here before leaving with the intention of returning to Dada but popped in the Red Deer again instead - almost as if to welcome me, the beer range had changed again, and I had a delicious pint of Inveralmond Lia Fail, whilst talking to Jose who had been so helpful the night before. An enjoyable stop off.

Closed pubs and the Wash

It was about now that I noticed a surfeit of options. To my surprise the Beehive and Old House were closed so I headed to the Washington, via a queue at the Forum, which I decided was a step too far. Odd but enjoyable cloud fest of Moonshine in my hand I enjoyed a brief sojourn round the pub before the night bus called me.  An ever reliable fall back once again, the Washington.


I also ended back up in Harrisons on  Saturday having left an important personal item behind the bar.  This warranted another pint, this time a more enjoyable Deception, mainly because it was so lively that Dave agreed to serve it without a sparkler.

I also revisited Dada for a catch up, and tried the palatable Pub Scrawl from Thornbridge, along with a Kill Your Darlings Vienna style lager, and even retried the Holly Daze that I had disliked previously. The star was probably the Scrawl, hoppy and with an interesting malt flavour which suggested they had been careful to create an uncomplicated yet highly refreshing beer. The Holly Daze I concede was less horrifying than I recall.


I must metion that I have had a Dunham Massey Gold tonight. I intended to leave it for a full review but ploughed on regardless anyway. I feel the need to comment on its hoppy and sweet malt flavour and nose, making it very Belgian in style, and more than a match for some renowned Belgian Blondes. That said, it peters out a little in the long haul but is still an interesting beer.

That's all for now folks, keep supping!

Wee Beefy

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