Friday, 15 July 2011

Robin Hood Little Matlock update - real ale misery.


as some of you may know I went to the Robin Hood on Thursday 14th July for a "last visit" (although ironically am going next Thursday with the Daves, but that's another story) and also sent info to numerous people to make them aware that the pub was closing, so that they could aim to get there in the next few weeks.

I now know that the pub will close on August Bank Holiday Monday - assumedly at about midnight that day, and that this is definite. This does of course helpfully give people a bit of notice and may mean a few more of you get chance to visit.

The visit last night was brief, somewhat scuppered by an unexpected disaster. Having got my friend lost driving us there in the car (which is a trademark Wee Beefy error) we arrived at about 6PM to find all 3 pump clips turned round. The lass behind the bar claimed Burton Bridge bitter was on but that was not the case, so all that was available was a very strong Westons cider.

Now, i do like cider, especially draught cloudy (or clear ) stuff, but crucially I like cider that is not carbonated. However, despite this admission, cider is not a first of the evening 6PM drink. So whilst Mr G had a coke I opted for a half of dreadful keg Stones, for which I will surely pay my price in beer hell. Given that we were expecting a couple of other people, this was bad news, although I phoned them and told them we were nipping to the Nags Head instead. This meant I had a brief chance to drink my grim brew outside whilst cursing the lack of ale.

The barman told us that they'd cleared out the cellar and that anything old had been thrown away and that they were expecting a delivery tomorrow. This raises a few questions. How old was the beer that was thrown away? Was this a result of new limited opening hours/days? Does this mean that beer is left to stand for as little as a matter of hours before being put on? And does this mean that things have become so dire that they operate a hand to mouth beer ordering system ?

Either way no matter how much the barman told me how unlucky we were and what would be on the next day, I couldn't mask my disappointment. And what if I had travelled a huge distance to this pub for a delicious pint after work ? Considering they don't serve food Thursdays, without anything decent to drink I couldn't see them generating much trade. Grrr....

The Nags at Loxley was much better, having 5 real ales on at £1.80 a pint, including the 6% pale ale "Sixer". This is where we stayed for a few and were joined by Christingpher, who is soon to lose 1 of his 4 nearby pubs. Hopefully the rogue introduction of the keg impostor at the Robin Hood was not the cause of my bug which kept me in bed most of today, and even if it wasn't, it surely still serves as a salutary warning about the dangers of not drinking real ale.

Lets hope the Robin Hood gets its act together for next week so Davefromtshop can finally enjoy a pint of real ale in there.

Wee Beefy.

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