Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ship aground


         today I had some shocking news about the closure of another Sheffield real ale pub. On Saturday I did overtime and wanted a pint around 15.00 - en route I stopped by the pub and found a security sign in the window and no sign of life - as it was, I went on to the Wellington to enjoy two of the most relaxing quiet pints of my recent years. And I did mean to discuss the pub with someone but never did...

The Ship at Shalesmoor, I heard tonight, has closed, as the landlord has got into financial difficulties. The security signs therefore, were genuine, and the pub has ceased trading. I understand the family from which the current landlord came, had run the pub for three generations. This is no longer the case

What I liked most about the Ship was its quiet, and the ebb and flow of customers. Having been in a few times on Saturday afternoon there were always regulars in and football was on the telly. This did not override the ancient jukebox when it was on, although that became very rare I understand. On the bar were three, then four real ales, none of which were from owners Greene King. The landlord was stoic in his support for local, and guest beers, almost all regardless of strength, were sold for £2.70 a pint.

On Fridays and perhaps Saturdays, if you stayed long you could hear the landlady walking round and asking about who wanted a Chinese (meal) around 23.30. This was then delivered, and anyone was welcome to order. The doors seemed t look late and service went on lat most nights.

The landlord was knowledgeabe and friendly and crucially, knew what he and his customers liked. It is a great shame that he will no longer be behind that great bar to pull delicious pints of real ale. Lets hope, now, that the pub remains open.


Wee Beefy

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