Sunday, 22 April 2012

Some Sheffield pubs and beers

Hello again,

    apart from going to the Sheffield Tap and trying an excellent beer in the equally excellent Rutland I have been eking out my meagre funds to have a half or two in some other pubs lately, so here are a few details of those visits and the beers I drank.

Red Lion

The Red Lion on Charles Street isn't exactly a regular haunt of mine. They usually have four real ales on, they are a bit pricey but not objectionably so, and given the extensive remodelling and refurbs of the interior over the years, if am not sat in the back snug (which is invariably full) then I am thinking how much more enjoyable it would be sat in there. The other Saturday, en route to the Rutland, I picked an occasion upon which I was unlikely to have room to stand, let alone sit in a preferred spot.

It was a Sheffield United Football Club home game and an FA Cup semi final. I believe the interest in specific clubs and occasions within the broad church of association football is very popular in the public houses of the area....

Hence, it was kin rammed. after fifteen minutes at the bar (not the staff's fault, it really was that busy) I had already told myself five times that as this was a fleeting visit I could just leave. But the thing is, having joined the queue, I was determined to complete this undertaking at all costs.

In the end I got myself an enjoyable half of Abbeydale Now Then, and retired to the only spot I could sit in peace - outside in the not waterproof beer garden. Perched on a damp bench, I was struck by the fact that a Monday night at 19.30 would have been a better time for my 2012 visit. You live and learn...


On Tuesday I was out with Mr C. We don't get out to the pub that often and had arranged a night out heading towards Hillsborough sampling pubs en route. We started here and got ourselves a seat in the School Room and enjoyed our beers - Mr C a Becks cooking lager, and myself a pint of Welbeck Abbey Dark Horse. This wasn't quite how I remembered it at the Three Cranes but was an excellent pint all the same. We also stopped for another, this time I had a delicious Steel City Raw Steel NZ IPA, which I think is a second collaboration, having had Raw Steel IPA at the Abbeydale Sports Club beer festival in September. This was another bold hoppy offering that gives you plenty to think about. Very nice.

I also made it in yesterday for a half of the Steel City A Slight Case of Overhopping (5.2%, I think). I had the feeling this was hopped mainly with Simcoe, but I still haven't got my hop identifying GCSE yet, and I probably thought Simcoe as the name was on my mind. It was a delicious hoppy beer all the same, if a little cloudy, and not too strong for an afternoon tipple.


A quick note is that the Gardeners Rest is holding its Last Orders beer festival between Thursday the 17th and Sunday 20th May. This is Pat and Eddies farewell beer festival as they are retiring this year, rumour has it to live on a narrowboat. I am really hoping I can get down to wish the two of them all the very best.

I was in last week and had a pint of the Greenfield Vanilla Stout. Having had a few and developed quite a taste for the style over the last 6 months I was surprised that this wasn't more creamy or balanced, it had quite a sour edge but was still enjoyable to drink. Alas, the same could not be said of the Sportsman Pigeon Bridge Porter. It was very grim indeed. Not off, I hasten to add, just a grim beer! I replaced it with a far better half of Sheffield Brewing Co Crucible Best.

Three Cranes

I popped in on Saturday for a half of the Blue Bee Lustin for Stout. They have two of the Blue Bee crucible themed beers coming on in the next week. The Lustin was bursting with flavour and a nice stopping beer - giving me time to try and not pay attention to the football scores whilst chatting with Luke. He advises that they close early Saturday nights unless there's a function on - if you are thinking of going Saturday night perhaps check beforehand - following them on Facefriend is a good way of doing this.


Another of my all too infrequent visits to the Cask and Welly as its officially known, last week. Despite my rave review on the Barraharri New Year crawl I still didn't taste any of their exclellent Little Ale Cart beers! Not that what I had instead was a disappointment. I had a pint of West Berkshire Brewery Pig and Tea (coffee surely?) a tasty 4.3% dark ale, and a pint of Steel City Brewing Queen Anne's Revenge. Both were in excellent nick, but the Queen Anne was late in the evening so I'll have to have it again to provide a description.

Friday theatre

Not a euphemistic term for the going's on in Sheffield's licensed establishments, but my primary Friday night event, going to see Stewart Lee at the Lyceum. Beforehand our pre performance drinking plans had gone awry so having arrived alone thirty five minutes before I needed to be inside, I dallied first with the idea of the Crucible Corner (Tetley and Kelham Easy Rider), but it can be expensive) and instead opted for a pint in the Old Monk. How I laughed when the beer in there was £3.20 a pint, probably as expensive as Crucible Corner next door....

Not a good pub to go in on your own, it did at least have two guests, or would, had the Barnsley Bitter been on. I had the Sheffield Brewing Co Milder Spring, which was on good form. Crucially, I also got to go to the loo, prior to sitting in a theatre for 90 minutes....

Afterwards, some of us went to the Bath Hotel. Not my first choice, but only because it was absolutely siling it down and The Bath was almost the furthest pub we could have chosen. Rewards were to be had however, as I managed to buy a fantastic pint of Revolutions Brewery Milk and Alcohol before they called last orders. This was as good as I remembered at Magna,  and worth the trudge. It was also less than £3.00 a pint I recall.

My final stop was in Harrisons 1854. I had thought about puling up a pew and having a quiet pint but there was a function or a DJ on so I stopped only for a half of Abbeydale Now Then before heading off. Its fuunny, but I love it when its quiet in the 1854, but without getting rammed at weekends am sure it simply wouldn't be viable.

So, that rounds up ten days of grog and inns. And only eight days until payday when I can go out for another half....

Wee Beefy

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