Tuesday, 24 April 2012

North East beer on TV


       welcome to (what was to be) my first post on the new fangled fanny about fairground that is the "new look" blogger. I assume that, not only will you the reader see precisely no difference, but that the latest incarnation of the site will share precisely none of the ideals and business outlook of the popular high street clothing chain of the same name. We can but hope.

And on with the words...

So, Boak and Bailey, homing in now on their 100,000th post this month, have made some very astute points about beer branding and advertising (as is their forte) here. In doing so they have posted a link to the latest set of ads for Newcastle Brown Ale. This was also reported on by Darren at Beer Today earlier in the month.

A proper beer advertisment
Personally, I've never seen any of these ads on TV or indeed anywhere outside of the Internet, but its interesting that even the better ads linked by Boak and Bailey, i.e the last two, are eclipsed by one from probably twenty years ago - but not for Newky Brown.....

Because in my humble opinion, if you want to see a good, knowingly self deprecating North East beer ad you need the Castle Eden one from the nineties (admittedly it may have been penned by Whitbread's London marketing chaps).

It may even be ironic....

I have found a clip, the link for which is below. The only problem is, it being the only clip I could find after, erm, a good minute of searching, is that its a whole roll of ads. So you need to play the clip at 00:45 to get to see the important bit (not at quarter to one in the morning I hasten to add....when you watch the clip from 40 odd seconds in is entirely up to you.)

Apologies for the crap presentation and fannying about required.

Castle Eden Brewery advert

Wee Beefy

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