Saturday, 24 March 2012

More beer gen revalations

Now then,

    You may have guessed that I haven't been out much lately - this would be down to my having caught the lurg, and housemaids knee, all at the same time. I was supposed to be going for a walk out near Midhopestones today (in the morning, not now!) but have cancelled as I continue aching, shaking, coughing and refusing food. Thank God the con-dem alliance gave me something to cover....

Mind you, I have now arisen from my bedly catacomb

And, I have been cheered up by a positive response to my Sheffield blogger post. Thanks to those commenting I now have another Sheffield blog to follow in the form of studentdrinker and this has spurred me on, too late some would argue, to find out about other Sheffield blogs or websites about pubs.

I discovered a pub food review site called whatsonupnorth which despite making me shiver on reading that the reviewer had ordered a lime and soda at the Broadfield and used a picture from before it reopened, is still an interesting read (it does also include authors observations on the pubs themselves depending on who contributes). I also found a very short lived but now seemingly abandoned one called which had a few posts around February and March 2011, and one about the Blake that was, erm, password protected? I also know you can find stuff out on Sheffield forum, and Steel City Kitchen here also features reviews of pub food if that's your bag.

One that I think is particularly interesting and well worth a look is Sheffield Pub Guide here. Its good, firstly,  because it gives details of the establishments owners. Who knew that the Red Deer, which has demonstrated a refreshing amount of independence in terms of decor, beer range and music, in the last 18 months, is owned by Punch Taverns?

Also, in addition to a brief description (optional), there are a criteria of questions set out, with answers provided by the relevant licensees/owners/landlords/tenants/managers (etc). Now, as with all that is Internet, you can't bet your life on it, but its an interesting steer towards the type of pub you are going to find if you plan on visiting one for the first time (and of course, haven't found a review on here first) . And they are updated, as the home page demonstrates.

Obviously my approach, as a blogger, is to provide opinion - I do like facts, and detailed information, but its mainly subjective (and I quite often rely on remembered statements which may be very much open to interpretation). With the exception of one or two of the questions answered, the responses to the questions on the Sheffieldpub site are simply yes, no, or at what time.

I think its worth a look, especially if you were going somewhere for the first time with one of those strange folks for whom beer range, cost, styles usually sold, and from which brewery, isn't important. More especially if you wish to fanny about "eating" whilst you are out.

All we need now are a few more actual blogs in Sheff and the picture will be nearer complete.

Wee Beefy

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