Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lasting memorial


  am afraid my blog tonight (this morning) is really no more than a link. I spotted a link to the blog in question on Curmudgeon's site earlier, and had been on Brew Wales, the destination, a few times in the past.

Many many years ago, late into the early hours, I saw a "new short film makers" programme on Channel 4. I wasn't really paying attention as I was thinking of going to bed. Even though I had never visited it, from photo's and a fantastic book called Britain's Heritage Pubs (or similar) by Geoff Brandwood and Mick Slaughter, I recognised, at least I think, the Dyffryn Arms at Pontfaen, covered already on my blog.

I didn't really "get" the film nor did I enjoy it, but it was significant as a visual record of an unspoilt pub. Years later comedian John Sparks paid a visit in a TV programme he did, I think for  S4C. In my experience, much is written about the traditional basic pub; little is committed to film.

Anyway, what I am coming to is this link : Brew Wales pub short film .

It seems surprising that the film maker is only 18, but what really makes this short film about a village pub a treasure is how detailed, reverent and touching a homage it is. I dearly hope the pub, The Railway at Nantgaredig, finds a new and sympathetic owner, but if  that does not transpire, I think you will agree that this film serves as an excellent appreciation of the role of a community local.

I hope you enjoy the film - for more info see the following links Jamie Wright - and I also understand Boak and Bailey are seeking pub footage at Boak and Bailey want pubs on film - perhaps you may wish to bring the two sources together.

Wee Beefy


  1. Cheers Steve, I really liked this. A great portrait of pub life. Wish there were more films like this. Y