Sunday, 12 April 2015

Some short Sheffield pub crawls

Now then,

         just a quick round up of a few trips out I have enjoyed in the last week with Tash and others. With one exception I haven't had to travel far to get to these pubs, and as always, all have served excellent beers.

On Easter Monday Tash and I got off the bus in town and walked onto London Road, well Cemetery Road actually, and visited the Beer Engine. It was good to bump into my friend Mr Vintin, who I understand is assisting with the pub's social media, and it was nice to be able to sit outside as well. Tash had halves of Blackjack Fusion and another, and I started on a pint of the Thirst Aid from Exit 33. We finished sat inside, on a pint and a half of the excellent Bad Seed American Pale Ale on keg which was delicious. It was also our chance to try a free sample of the food. Chunks of chorizo with Spanish sweet potatoes in a piri piri sauce was a prefect match. Food now available.

We walked up London Road to the Picture House Social to discover they were selling their beers off at half price. We started with pints of the Blackjack and Arbor Live Long and Prosper, and then the Indy Man Beer House and Celt Experience Yes Way IPA. We finished on pints of that and the Weird Beard Decadence Stout - to be honest none of the beers were in tip top condition but they were all at least 6.0% and complex so that didn't matter so much.

Wednesday I walked from home to the Brothers Arms - it took me about 1 hour 45 or 50, including getting lost on Manor Top. I had several delicious pints of Tiny Rebel Loki Black IPA in here waiting to be joined by Matty and Tash. Shame there was n food though! Down the street next to the Sheaf View and we once again got the last table to sit at. I knw I had an IPA but am unsure which! All the beers we tried were in good form though. Our penultimate pub was the White Lion, where we sat in the upper end and listened in on the end of the quiz. Pints of Jaipur and Hobgoblin were the order of the day here, along with some free sandwiches. We finished the night in Shakespeares enjoying some North Riding and Five Towns OAP DIPA at 9.6%. Just a pint and a half each....

Friday saw us up on Crookes for Wee Keefy's birthday drinks. Me Tash and Matty met first in the Bath Hotel to enjoy pints of Celt Experience Selurius (?) before heading to the Ball on Crookes to be joined by Alison, WK, Carlos, Paddington, Jack, Jo and Neil. Pints included Tempest Stout and their American 5 Hop IPA from Blue Bee Brewery, and we spent four hours here before hopping on a bus into town to finish in Shakespeares. Here, obviously, it was time for more pints of the OAP DIPA, and to meet Alex Paramore and his lady friend whose name I was sure I would remember but have not. Sorry Alex's lady friend whose name I was sure I would remember but have not....

So, apart from slack reporting skills, I thin the above demonstrates that Sheffield continuously delivers on choice of pubs, and the ales they serve. A fact hopefully proven by my meeting Fluffy in an hour at the Tap and Tankard.


Wee Beefy

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  1. Once again you've inspired me to veer off my well worn Kelham Island track.
    Might take a look at The Beer Engine & The Brothers Arms next month.
    I see you've been enjoying the North Riding/Five Towns OAP DIPA, which has been on excellent form at Shakey's.
    You might be interested that those two breweries have collaborated again.
    Pancake Porter was brewed yesterday at 6.5% to celebrate Five Towns' 400th brew.