Saturday, 18 April 2015

Post run pints


          its important to emphasise that, despite the post title, I didn't partake in the run that the pints were a reward for. I mean, I did run, well, jog...walk fast perhaps, from the bus stop to the pub, but it was my good friend Fluffy who did the Sheffield half marathon. After which, of course, the lad needed a pint.

We met at 13.00 in the Tap and Tankard. Coming into the dark from the bright but cold and windy outside, I struggled to spot anyone, before seeing Sue and Col, and found out what they were drinking. Sue doesn't drink real ale, alas, but Col does. Fluffy was away getting changed so I went for a pint of the Great Heck Treasure IPA. I think we were all on the same.

My next pint was one of the last of the Saison from Hop Studio. A 6.1% saison on keg at £3.80 a pint. that, dear readers, represents good value. And the saison was lovely - crisp, fruity, cloudy and refreshing - exactly what I didn't need on a cold day.

A taxi came - or rather, due to road closures, we went to it, and took us to Woodseats where we went to the Ale House. I went in not long after it opened with Davefromtshop and we talked Saltaire and other breweries with the landlord. I have been in a few more times since but not in the last two years, since I had been told it was locals only.

To be fair, when we arrived, the door was locked! Luckily, Fluff banged on the door and we were allowed in. I understand the procedure is, the landlord asks who you are, if you live local, and where you go drinking. Rumour has it, if you reply the Big Tree or Woodseats Palace you are asked to leave, and anywhere else you are informed you can stay for one and then leave. None of this is fact. Necessarily. The pub isn't closed to none locals, but access is restricted. Got a problem with that? Well, I got in, so I don't. I completely sympathise with anyone who does though....

On teh bar were 5 or 6 real ales and Fluff and Col went for the Dark Star Sunburst, which, given that it was sheeting down with rain when we arrived was ironic, and I went with a pint of Marble Lagonda IPA at £3.00 a pint. The landlord advised me that he paid more fro Marble beers, as his normal price is around £2.60 a pint. To be fair, £3.00 a pint for Lagonda IPA at 5.0% is another good value beer.

As time went by some more regulars turned up, one fresh from the half marathon, and Fluff chatted to them about race times and highlights, and I chatted to the landlord about Marble Dobber which he had coming on. I really enjoyed my visit t the Ale House. Lets hope I can go again.

We all left around 17.00 and I walked down to the Broadfield. here I bumped into Will from Hop Hideout and had a half of Black IPA on keg which I can't remember whose it was. It was very busy in the Broady, but the ale was nice.

I met Tash in town and we returned to the Tap and Tankard. We sat in the rocking chairs near the fireplace and supped pints of Kelham Island Bete Noire and Pale Rider, and had, inevitably, a Wateralls pork pie. Although I was a trifle tired, this was another excellent visit, even though the pub was now darker still!

Our final stop of the night was BrewDog. On a day of inexpensive pints, it seemed worthwhile splashing out on some, er...less than inexpensive pints. I had a half of the BrewDog Indian Summer, which was described as saison in style, and the excellent Hardcore IPA, while Tash had half a Weihenstephaner cloudy wheat beer. We took photos of the bar and the lighting (more fun than it sounds) and Tash also drank a BrewDog and possibly Mikeller colab. I think...

So, an interesting micx of different pubs, all once again serving excellent real (and keg) ales at a wide variety of prices. Thanks to Fluff for organising and well done for running his first half marathon. Hope to see him and Col and Sue soon in, I don't know, maybe the reopened Ship?


Wee Beefy

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