Sunday, 25 January 2015

Comments welcome....


   just a very quick post - to inform you of, and to ask for help with, an issue with Blogger.

For reasons that have not become clear, I can't comment on my own blog. I have three comments that I wanted to answer from Paul Bailey, Curmudgeon and the Two Beer Geeks and I can't - it seems I no longer have a Wee Beefy profile to choose from.

I even tried setting up a new account for comments using my blog name an URL but this also failed.

I know I can email blogger, and I have previously, but does anyone have any ideas why I can't put comments on, and tips I might follow before emailing the Bloggahz? Remembering I can't, yet, reply of course.....

Any assistance would be most welcome.

Finally, to make this an actual blog post, I must tell you I was drinking excellent pints of Mallinsons Simcoe at Shakespeares, and the 7% Farmhouse IPA from Blackjack beers in the Bath Hotel. Both are excellent. Go drink them!



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  1. Possibly something to do with getting your Blogger profile mixed up with your Google+ one (if you have one). Can you not even comment using the non-logged-in Name/URL option.