Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Bower Spring, Red Hill, Jericho and Portobello beer-way.


    one of the features of my never ending search to drink in peace (not a euphemism for drinking in the afterlife) has led me to develop a route between my most oft visited pubs. In  order to misleadingly grab your attention, and to stop this being simply a list of beers, I have spent a lengthy 40 minutes "rigorously" researching and guesstimating details of Sheffield's central districts, and assumed that the areas I drink in are Bower Spring, (AKA West Bar) Red Hill, Jericho and Portobello. And probably St Georges.

This is rudimentary research at its most base - I am sure those of you who know anything about Sheffield history will be able to better identify the area from Gibraltar Street, up Tenter Street and Bailey Street, along Trippett Lane and then following Portobello Street and down Regent Terrace. But I can't, so lets not dally with the foggy detail and get on with actual facts.

Starting at Bower Spring and pub number one is no surprise. I haven't been in Shakespeares for a bit, but on my last visit I was on Blue Bee Lustin for Stout, a half of, and a very competitively priced pint of Welbeck Bay Middleton which has a very distinctive taste which I can't really identify, but find marvellously enjoyable. Alas this visit was marred by the heinous lack of pork pies. Perhaps drinking in the afterlife might have its advantages...

Off up Tenter Street next, and heading for Trippet Lane via Bailey Lane, in the area which could just about be known as Red Hill. Following the route brings you to the Dog and Partridge, but as you may have guessed, I was heading for my usual spot at DAda. Once again riotous assembly was taking place with literally tens of people swelling the ranks and standing at the bar of all places, thus almost ruining my night. Luckily I had beer experts Emily and Steph to keep me company, along with excellent ale.

Despite having missed the Dark Star Hophead, their Sunburst (AKA the summer one of theirs that I like, on account of it having no spices in it) was on so I tried a pint of that, along with a few of the excellent Abbeydale Abbey Ale, a dry hopped pale bitter beer that went down a treat. I also tried a half of the Thornbridge Wallonia (Saison style) and the last of the excellent Schlenkerla Rauchbier. T

The Abbeydale Abbey Ale was also my tipple of choice on Saturday after the Green Hop event at The Hop - my time spent drinking it was used to persuade Jamie that he had to try the Brecon Brewery Green Beacons, so we headed off to the Hop to do so - only for me to become "tired" and have to go home like an old lady....

Carrying on along the road the areas become much less well defined. Zion, Jericho and Portobello all seem to be candidates for the area behind West Street between Rockingham Street and the Barracks. Crossing Rockingham Street you can carry on in the same direction along Portobello Street, and you can nip up the steps on your left and walk out onto Mappin Street, and onto Pitt Street to visit the Red Deer. My visit on Saturday was a short one, and from what I would describe as a "usual" selection I chose a half of the Wharfebank Tether.

Its a short hop from here across the car park to Harrisons 1854 on Regent Terrace which is in front of you with the Red Deer on the right. I was in Saturday for a pint of Bradfield Blonde, although theres usually Abbeydale Deception and Moonshine, and midweek at least (not Mondays though kids...) its a quiet place to hang out, relax, and chat to Barraharri.

Now in the parish of St Georges (83% sure on this one) my route is officially finished but the more astute of you will have noted  the nearby delights of The Beehive, Wick at Both Ends, Bath Hotel Fagans and University Arms to name but a few.

So there you have it, a bit of beer news dressed up unconvincingly as local history.

Neeyithinkhow, lazerngennelmun.......

Wee Beefy


  1. There's a building on Westfield Terrace (I think) with Zion Mount engraved/chiselled above its columns. Could this indicate an area called 'Zion'?

    1. Quite possibly. There is a Mount Zion chapel which is a Grade 2 listed building, shown as being on both Eldon Street and Westfield Terrace. It makes sense therefore that Zion could be the area on the Devonshire Street side of West Street.

      The part I though was Zion is also what I know to be Portobello! And from the barracks back towards Rockingham Street is also St Georges parish - the church on Portobello (it loses its "Street" at St Georges Terrace)is Grade 2 listed same as the chapel.

      Take a look at the sheffield indexers website, its full of useful (and unsesless) info om sunny Sheffield.