Saturday, 6 July 2013

Being beer (un)wise


       Last night, to celebrate the end of a long week, I popped in the Bath Hotel for a couple. It was stickily warm, although a cool breeze was just starting to blow through the pub. I was very thirsty, so wanted a light refreshing beer. It was too much to hope for Melba, but more than that it was too much to hope for something sensible. Yes, I could have drunk Roosters Last stand which is about 4%. But they had Oakham Green Devil IPA on. I think its fairly obvious what happened.

I was rather surprised to spot Green Devil - I'd heard rumours (which lets face it, are a great replacement for facts when your'e not sure what your on about....) that because they couldn't purchase enough citra, Oakham had stopped brewing Green Devil. The thing is, I heard that back in April. No-one indicated it was permanent. Steff assured me it wasn't an aged treasure that Thornbridge had matured for them, so it must be new. This is very good news.

For those of you not anointed at the altar of beer brilliance, Green Devil IPA is really very good. Its also 6%. And its actually not that difficult to neck. Green Devil was my friend and enemy last night. But good God it tastes lovely.

On the downside, as well as my still being hungover more than three hours after getting up (I might have had 7 pints of it. But it could be less...) being a Thornbridge pub The Bath Hotel can be face slappingly expensive. Luckily the staff at the Bath have enough about them to not fob me off with drivel like "Oakham are a really expensive brewery". They just quietly said, before puling a  pint "it's £4.20 a pint though".

Obviously that's not as silly as the Dark Star Porter at the Tap but its getting that way. However, I absolutely love Green Devil so I swallowed the ignominy of paying over the odds for it, then swallowed a number of pints of it. Welcome to another Wee Beefy session! Location - check. Beer - check. Company - check.

Re the latter, having been chatting with Steff and Jason for a bit, I hijacked some innocent bystanders and "forced" them to stay for many pints. Kerry is from Brum, Owen is from Brizzle and they like beer. Proper people. I had such a great time (apart from some rather inescapable olfactory assaults from Owen...*clears throat*) chatting and supping with them that I don't actually know how long we were stood at the bar demolishing Green Devils. Except that I was last customer out to await my taxi home.

I should recommend you go and drink this wonderful beer yourself (there is only one barrel and its been on at least half of Friday) but in all honesty I want it all for myself. But if you did happen to visit the Bath and drink it, that would be a very enjoyable and rewarding co-incidence.


Wee Beefy

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