Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Past pints and future events

Ey up,

      am taking it easy this week, since the weekend is looking quite refreshing, and now i have to pay my significantly larger mortgage payment I need to be a bit more canny with the pennies. At 300 for a pint, that means I am probably going to have to take up a more traditionally British way of drinking. You know. Friday through Sunday. I'm sure I read somewhere that's really good for you...

Anyhoo, before I came to my senses I did a little bit of extra drinking over the last few days - here s some details and some gnus.

On Sunday I went to the Derbyshire (you've seen he Derbyshire) and walked along the latter stages of the Monsal Trail, AKA the good bit between Millers Dale Station and Blackwell Cottages. Wee Keefy drove us out at some point after dinner and we walked through the three tunnels we'd previously not been in before heading down into Chee Dale to walk back to the Station, near where we parked. Sunshine, fresh air, fauna and scenery is thirsty work. however. So we decided t go for a pint.

After much deliberation about the Anglers Rest or Red Lion at Litton, we decided to head a little nearer home and drop in at the Three Stags Heads at Wardlow Mires. It was rammed,  mainly due to there being a folk music session in the green room as it isn't called. Following the usual plan of stepping over dogs and falling over chair legs I hustled my way to the bar to order a pint of Abbeydale Absolution £3.00, 5.3%) and half a Brimstone for WK (£1.40).

I realise that repeatedly noting that I didn't remember the Stags being inexpensive and what good value it is may suggest to readers that I have begun my dotage already, but its worth repeating on the basis of it being true, and good to know. Perched on a table near the open door, with lilting airs wafting through from the room next door and the conversation bubbling along sociably around us, it was a perfect scenario. Improved only by my getting another pint and a half of Absolution for me and WK getting himself half a Deception. The Three Stags is a classic National Inventory pub, which keeps its beers in top condition and is well worth a visit.

Last night after an exhausting day of work (that's not sarcasm kids) I wandered round to Shakespeares to have a jar or two. I started on a pint of Blue Bee Light Blue, and sat in the Clock Room trying t get over the fact that I am smiling in the photo of me in a certain magazine. They must have taken 20 photographs and I don't remember smiling. I look like a slightly simple serial killer. Luckily the excellent but short-lived pint of Light Blue made up for it. A welcome return for this excellent brew.

Next up was another pint, which also didn't last long, although I had to have crisps due to an unacceptable paucity of pork pies, after which I had halves of the Toolmakers Fine Finish and anther half of Light Blue. I did try the Derventio stout and to be honest it was dreadful. Its testament to Chris' skills of tact and fairness that he managed to describe in a way that didn't involve saying it was crap. A thoroughly nice chap, Mr B.

The Fine Finish was also "eclectic" but not in a bad way, the same as which could be said for the half of Ashover Smoked that I followed it with, along with Abbeydale Tramlines Two. A great range of refreshing beers for a sunny evening. Just needs pork pies...

Off up the hill next to DAda, from being a real pub and nominated for pub of the month many times recently fame. Jamie was manfully running the show when I arrived, and I quickly organised buying a  couple of bottles of Kernel to take out using ny bottle discount card, and bought a pint of the Hawkshead Red. Things were looking good.

It was nice catching up with Jamie but alas the Hawkshead was a little underwhelming. Luckily I sorted this problem by having a p[int of Halcyon. Nothing to say really about one of my favourite beers....

Soon I was joining some students (they didn't run away quick enough see) from Sheffield Uni who studied bones and stuff. That's an actual academic discipline I'll have you know. In a surprising break with tradition I remember all of their names - Jordan, Lyndsey and Mike. Unfortunately for them I "helpfully" scribbled this blog's address (Shit, I'm such a stats whore) on a  piece of paper, a feat which worryingly illustrated that I was feeling "a little tired".

This was not helped by another half of Halcyon and half of the cask Thornbridge Three Beards (it may not have been on Keykeg before btw). A strangely drinkable brown bitter with almost no body, but in a refreshing way, for a darkish 5.0% plus beer. Intriguing..

Eventually I had to admit defeat and head home, leaving those more sober than me to speak clearly to each other. A great after work drink.

Finally a bit of noose. Its the Three Valleys Festival this Saturday. Its really rather good. Here is a link to their website, and everything. Its basically mandatory that you attend.

Also, a new Thornbridge beer is being launched at DAda - Melba has a surprise fruity ingredient (if you've never heard of any words associated with fruit) and is brewed by no less than Jamie himself. Obviously the Halcyon has made me forget which Friday,  but I think its the 14th June. Perhaps best you ring to check, or just go on both Fridays to make sure.


Wee Beefy

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