Friday, 5 April 2013

*Shakes hand*


     on Tuesday night, The CAMRA (you've seen the CAMRA), Sheffield corps, wrest free from a tradition of only awarding pub of the year to pubs in one square 50 meters of each other - and recklessly and without warning, only done gone did award it there to them nearby. Or something.

In short, the cabal was broken up. And a  new pub was to grab the accolade.

And so it was that a pub that never seemed it would reopen, struggling via pipe theft and sinking expectation prior to Tramlines 2011, opened, and then steadily grew in stature and within the affections of many Sheffield folk. So was born the Shakesperes Ale and Cider House  Far far too long a name for a blogger to reference frequently. Far too accurate a moniker for a purveyor of the best of all the above.

(Its probably worth glancing at my original post on the pub, to see if I gauged its revival right. There's easily too much mumping over a window, but maybe am not far off here....?)

Meanwhile I heard this news on the Internet, which is a person  and arranged to meet my friend Mr Marsh, from the world of the past. Once there, on the crest of a wave of celebration, I first had a pint of Mallinsons Anna Perenna, which was ace, followed by a pint of Sheffield's own Steel City brew Alestorm. The addition of a female touch made this otherwise admirably bitter hop fest of a beer a well rounded triumph,  and I was quick to recognise this. So much so that after Mr Marsh had left I joined Brewers Dave Unpro and Shazz and set about having rather a lot of pints to celebrate.

Not just that but Dave was having his 20,000th (tasted, ever) beer that night. And it was his. I don't go in for obsessive trying of new beers myself, but this seemed like a great example of it's merits, and I extend a hearty well done to Dave for his accomplishing such a feat.

Later, Unpro and Shazz were having a curry from across the road in the best pub ever, so I joined in and had a blob of snap myself. In between times, I had halves of Great Newsome Jem Stout, which was excellent, a pint of Welbeck Calypso, plus further halves of Mallinsons and Steel City, with the latter winning as I drank three of them.

We were joined by Mrs Aunty Colleen from the CAMRA, who also partook of some curry and ale, and as I spent ages finishing my curry, supping my beer and putting 50's tracks on the Jukebox, I was able to remind myself, as if I needed, why the Shakespeares was such a worthy winner. Great beer. Sensible prices. Great facilities. Fantastic Staff. I realise though, honestly, that I knew this forever ago Which is an actual period of time. And everything.....

A thoroughly well deserved award for a fine pub.

Wee Beefy

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