Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The DA, da, do (or the do, DA, da)

Now Then,

    one thing that has become prevalent recently, (well, more than once), is pubs and breweries having birthdays. The Rutland Arms pretty much set the standard with their terrifically fun and birthday-centric goings on in October, and the Blue Bee birthday at the same venue was also notable for its excellent cake and celebratory atmosphere.

So its well timed that I am using the, ahem, "celebration" of my 200th post in 2012 to tell you about the first birthday at DAda on Trippet lane, where I have been known to visit previously. Please note, other pub venues near West Street are available....but not for the purpose of this post.

The thing is though, despite my borderline DAda bias, I was mildly underwhelmed by the pzazz and sense of occasion underpinning the DAda event. There was a distinct lack of party hats, balloons, streamers and cards when I arrived on Friday evening. No noticeable instances of the bumps, no raspberryade, no sausages on sticks, not even a novelty gift. I hadn't even brought my camera to record the celebrations. Thank goodness for excellent beer, or this would have been the most unbirthdayish birthday do at DAda since the last unbirthdayish DAda do (note, this doesn't really make sense, but is an unashamedly enjoyable jumble of noises, which I like).

Anyway, having broke from tradition and popped in on a Friday it seemed rude not to buy a drink, and undertaking which I was in equal measure surprised and dismayed to find that my spot was taken by another barfly. To my abject horror, I discovered that not only are there other nights of the week than Tuesday, but also, other people stand at the bar and drink.

Luckily I suspended my indignation long enough to discover that Rupert is someone who recognises me, even though I misremembered him from the Rutland, and is a fan of excellent beer. So I had good company for the first hour.

During which period I had a pint of Dark Star Sunbeam, having reassured myself that it wasn't the spicy one that I dislike, and indeed enjoyed it so much that I had another. My companion meanwhile was on Tzara but desperately awaiting the running out of the Abbeydale chocolate stout since we were told that Thornbridge Evenlode would replace it. Neither of us were in the mood for the chocolate malt offering but we grudgingly bought a half each, prompting a rush which cleared the way for the joyous Evenlode to appear. We had the first out, having listened to a hilarious 5 minutes of faux horror from the staff at the beer being unsellable....

Alas soon after acquiring his desired drink another pub and another drinker drew away my fellow barfly so I sought to protect myself against the possible isolation (not that this would happen with a full compliment of excellent DAda staff) and bolstered my determination to enjoy myself by having a few pints of the Evenlode in the end. Perilously easy to drink and deliciously smooth and satisfying at 6.2%, it was an irresistible tipple. I was later joined by the Bad Panda from the world of the Internet, so was able to talk beer and Manchester pubs with him for a while, all the time thinking about how I shouldn't have another Evenlode, only to promptly do just that.

Meanwhile, the threat of "music" hung like the sword of Damocles above us, threatening to make me leave early. Luckily I was able to stay long enough to wish everyone (the staff that is, not each individual punter, that would be mental) happy birthday, and to apologise to Jamie for being a girl the Saturday before.

So there you have it. Another anniversary, and another fledgling venue passing an early milestone, soon to be followed no doubt by the Three Cranes and The Hop and whatever celebrations they have lined up. Lets hope there's plenty more occasions to attend over the coming years.


Wee Beefy

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