Saturday, 14 July 2012

Black, Dark, hoppy, fruity goodness


   I am here to tell you about a few beers I have had in the last week. Despite the title, there is no hybrid fruity black ale, nor a hoppy stout with  sweet hedgerow gifts, instead there are a few examples of cracking beer, tried days apart, and linked by nothing apart from sterling quality.

Firstly, after Sunfest on Saturday, I was dropped off in Broomhill so I could pop into the York. Here my first thrill was seeing two fantastic beers on the bar - Black Iris White Fang and Klazny. As I was ordering I also spotted Pete and Diane and friends and the night was made all the more enjoyable by excellent company. I'd had the White Fang before and this was just as good, with the Klazny perhaps tired, but showing enough to warrant further tastings. Excellent beer overall.

In the end I only had a half of each in the end since I needed to get back across town but once again I wasn't disappointed by the Black Iris offerings, signs I'm sure of potential future market dominance...

Next up was my visit tonight to Shakespeares, where I started with the ever reliable and impeccably kept Abbeydale Deception. Granted, there was plenty more ale finery on offer but I wanted and enjoyed a reliable Sheffield beer to start off.

After which, joined by Mr H and Steve, I had a few pints of the redoubtable classic which is Dark Star Sunburst, which was 4.5% and £2.80 a pint.

This championed warm orangey malt, tangy and slightly sweet, with complimentary hops, citrus flavours  and an admirable cleansing acidity, which made for a superb pint which I had a few rounds on in the end. In fact, so good was this summery drink that after finishing I was sate enough to wend my way merrily home, having enjoyed an evening of unparallelled summer hop brilliance.

In conclusion, its true that there are huge numbers of brewers beer available in Sheffield, but its so nice to find and drink those which consistently deliver, and thoroughly enjoy them.

Wee Beefy.

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