Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Euro drinking - British beers


   Friday night was my official Birthday night out from work so I gathered together a troupe of close friends and took them on a pub crawl near to where we work. Here's what we found.

We started at the Harlequin, since its the nearest venue, and with the exception of Maureen who had recklessly started his evening;s drinking with a Budvar Dark, we all started low. I had a pint of the Great Heck brewery Yorkshire Navigator as it was at a quaffable strength. Suzie Wish, Crusher, J9, Stevo, Mr Robbery and Roy Crumb all started as they meant to continue. My second pint in here was the Brew Company Blackout Stout, which was very nice, but probably the start of my decline, as I had plenty more strong beers afterwards.

As soon as Wee keefy had arrived and had a swift one we were off to Shakespeares. A freak storm had scuppered all Orange and other telecommunications so I was unable to find out if folks were coming, or they to find out where I was. Luckily we got to the Pub before Miss M had given up waiting, gawd love her.

In here I had a pint of the Copthorne Mild and A.N.Other pale beer, which me and Wee Keefy contrived to mix up. Mr Protest joined us in here, but Maureen had to leave cos he had a "car" the big wuss. Soon it was 19.00. I had declared that we were not going to pander to the masses who wanted to watch football. I was happy to stay in Shakespeares for the night since they were also taking this admirable sportless stance,  but too many people craved Ingurrlearned action so we headed up to the Three Cranes.

Much good beer to choose from in here, although the Nectar wasn't quite ready so I started on Welbeck Abbey Brewery Red Feather, which was a fantastic pint in really good form.

As the match progressed, obviously entirely and solely due to my concentrating on that and not because of any other factors, it seem that after having a pint of Blue Bee Lustin for Stout my memories started to become unclear. To be fair, I wasn't intending to write this up, so I am doing all of this from memory. Christ, it shows.

Several  more pints, one presumes of Lustin for stout later, the match had finished and those stragglers left headed up to Dada. Here the excellent Dark Star Revelation Pale, 5.7% was on, so it seemed rude not to order a pint. Alas, a quarter of  a pint, maybe less if accusations are to be believed, into the lovely broth, my body succumbed to the excessive amount of emotion involved in the evening and I had to go home like a big girls blouse.

Despite this, I had a fab time, and it's a good sign that despite not every one being a devout real ale drinker like me, we still found venues to suit everyone's taste, and managed to watch an entire football match together without meeting any idiots. Well, just one at the beginning, and luckily he set the bar high so that some of my less admirable episodes seemed insignificant...

More details of pubs and beer coming soon.

Wee Beefy

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