Monday, 7 May 2012

Wee Beefy's Tuesday tipples


    in the last week there has been a payday and many reasons to celebrate. So, I am afraid I have to admit, I have spent quite a few occasions in the last 7 days partaking of a fine and tasty beverage in a good pub. Here are some details of my excursion into Tuesday temulency.

Gardeners Rest

Myself and Mr P started our evening in the Gardeners Rest. The river level had mercifully dropped by now, and I wondered whether the extensive work done towards Lady's Bridge which included dredging the river bed had kept the pub dry in the last fortnight of horrific inundation. Luckily all was fine.

There were quite a few people in for a Tuesday, and a good selection of beers to choose from. I started with a pint of the Reedley Hallows Old Laund Bitter, 3.6% and Mr P the Scarborough Moody's Mild at 4.1. Reedley Hallows is perhaps the best name of any of the current crop of Microbreweries, so I was drawn to it right away, but also because it was quite a low gravity beer to start on. Its based in Burnley and has some link to Moorhouses. The beer was very much of its locale, but still had quite a bit of flavour, if not a tremendous amount of hops.

For our second pint we swapped beers and I got to taste the Moody's Mild, which was a dry and bitter drink, perfectly black and likewise very drinkable. I also had time to have a half of the Sheffield Brewing Co Chocolate Cascade, perhaps suffering slightly from being named after a euphemism, but tasting very nice despite its sweet dairy ingredient. Overall a very good quota of ales.


Off next to Shalesmoor and the Ship where there were 3 real ales on as usual. Mr P had a pint of the Abbeydale Daily Bread and me the excellent Spire Coal Porter.

We had a goodly time in here sat down trying to decipher how Mr P had managed to change his smart new phone's language setting to Greek, and supping the beer. All too quickly I had finished the Porter but unfortunately so had it - luckily I was able to fit in a half of the excellent Dark Side of the Moon from Spire which replaced it. Another excellent session in the Ship.


Myself and Mr P parted ways here as I headed off West Street way under the flimsy premise of seeing if the Bath was yet reopened. I missed a tram so decided that the only solution, rather than wait for my next one, was to go in the Cask and Welly for a half.

This time I triumphed in having one of their beers, only to not chuffing write down what it was - it was about 4.2 to 4.5% and was stronger than, erm , another of theirs (and was a very enjoyable tipple). Whilst in here I was pleased to bump into a few people I have known for years, such as Dave S and Mark and Wendy. It was great to catch up, albeit briefly. 

The Old 54

I jumped off the tram at the University stop and headed down to the Bath to see if it was open, but as we all now know it wasn't, though teasingly the lights were on. So I popped in Betty's for a fishcake butty (my evening meal) before heading up to Harrisons 1854.  Here the Deception was back on form so I had  a pint or two of that and caught up with Barraharri before I made the rash decision to go and get some late tipples at Dada.


The pub was quite empty but there were a couple of blokes at the bar enjoying a pint and a discussion with James who runs the place. I had a pint of the Thornbridge Pica Pica and soon got into discussing, quite pertinently, Thornbridge Brewery (a popular recent subject of mine) and beers. Seeing that last orders had passed and that we were in the mood for further "ale hard talk(?!) and beer we headed up to The Wick at Both Ends for a late one. In here I am certain that I had a Thornbridge beer but I didn't note it down and also made sure I made it last so as to reduce the impact on me for the next day, before escaping home in a taxi.

This was a good Tuesday crawl featuring some great beers, and was the ideal warm up to a week of reckless excess and rejoicing, the details of which will be coming over the next couple of days.

Wee Beefy

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