Monday, 7 May 2012

Rutland Arms mini wall of cider 2012.

Hello again,

     Starting on Friday 4th May and running until today (assuming they have some left) the Rutland Arms mini wall of cider was the chance to try a range of ciders from a number of UK producers, including some oop ere in the North, some with fruit infused in them, and a range of perries.

With help and assistance from Big Andy the list was pretty good, and I managed to get in Saturday day during my football result ignoring project, and tried a goodly selection. Producers included Westons, Tutts Clump, Udders, Orchard Pig, Hewitts, Springherne, to name but a few. There was also a selection of cask aged ciders, which I was wary of based on them all being a little stronger.

Bolstered by a lovely pint of Springhead Bit O Black and one of the FINEST bacon sandwiches I have ever had, I was ready to take on the task at hand.....

As a former Sheffield beer festival cider bar volunteer I have a penchant for a mix. Not of cider and beer, that would be mental (erm, in the same glass, since i started on beer), but of two or three ciders in a glass. Alas the Rutland had not prepared a range of pre-mixed ciders to best represent the myriad of sweet, tangy, sour, ultra dry, cheesy, fruity, sweaty, bitter and pastry (I kid ye not) flavours, so I opted to attempt this myself.

Ably assisted by Paurltous and Stuart I was able to taste a few of those on offer and come up with a decent mix or two along the way. The Rutland actually deserve a lot of credit, firstly for putting em all on at the same price, and also, for putting up with me.

The three best combinations I discovered were Tutts Clump and Springherne medium, Malvern Magic and Millwhites Vintage, and Newtons Draught cider with Orchard Pig Philosopher. There was no real science involved, this was just a mix of sweet to medium with the drier and ultimately more frighteningg ciders. And also, so as not to take the piss, I couldn't very well have tried all of them, so you had or indeed may still have, the opportunity to think of a better combo (please note, I hope that nice gentleman who runs the Rutland is OK with this, I haven't asked his permission to promote my cider mixing plan, so if you decided to try it, you didn't hear it from me....)

I would love to have had the opportunity to get back and try some more but this has been a packed week of celebrations so the above was my only visit. I'll just have to make a date for visiting next year.


Wee Beefy

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