Friday, 6 January 2012

Ringing in the changes (a little bit late)

Now then,

     this is really just a bit of confirmation of a little change I have made.

Not a rash drunken new years resolution to stop drinking or similar untenable nonsense, nor a self indulgent proclamation to "change the world " or other pie in the sky targets. No, I just thought I should change my blog name.

You see, back in the naive (never liked that spelling!) innocent days of 2009 I was smarting from a lack of success or indeed desire to carry on with my Cretan travels blog - forgetting the password 15 times then changing email address seemed an insurmountable obstacle to overcome, so I gave up and created a new blog.

I intended to celebrate my passion for unspoilt British pubs, whilst simultaneously writing about my interest in and love of Cretan kafenions, the venerable Kriti coffee houses. These were stoic, unchanging, bastions of tradition who's charm and sadly rapid decline so perfectly mirrored that of the traditional hostelries I loved to get back to when I returned to dear old Yorkshire. (note: the below picture depicts the Seymour Arms, Witham Friary, in, erm, Somerset, but hey you get the idea....)

But things change. Firstly, I find myself writing mainly about pubs in Sheffield and those on my travels in the UK. The very nature of the industry means that, sadly, not all in fact very few, are unspoilt these days. I also write about the charms and foibles of real ale, but that is sidestepped in my original title, and there is no hint of the bottled beer reviews I am testing the water with. Not only that, but I haven't been to Crete for two years, and even when I did in 2009 and 2010, I didn't write up or even photograph a kafenion.

So, as an acknowledgement of the above, from now on this blog will be Wee Beefy's beer and pub blog, reflective of my search for and experiences of beer, in pubs, bars or containers, and the pubs themselves, my first choice place to consume beer in.

I hope you will understand and support me under my new name. Don't forget of course, the URL has not changed, so no need to worry about finding your way back. Here's to the future.


Wee Beefy.

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