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Christmas bottle selection, Harrisons 1854, Three Cranes, Beehive, Crispin Ashover, and Shakespeares

Hello, and Merry Christmas readers.

            owing to an unfortunate spell of crap telly am ensconced in Thangor's kitchen so will endeavour, despite this cumbersome alien keyboard, to give you a few days worth of updates on beer and pubs in Sheffield.

Shakespeares Gibraltar Street Beer festival.

   its too late for this to be advice but I have to concede that actually there was a beer fest on at the above from 21st to 23rd December. Beers seemed to have been intended for purchase from the separate upstairs bar but I understand this is not open yet - hence you read a beer list (written. with that personal touch, in biro ) and having made and paid for your choice staff fetch it from upstairs for you. On my visit I had a half of Atomic Winter (which was supposed to be white!) and a spiced beer from Revolution brewery, in addition to another fine pint of the Raw Black Ghost dark IPA.

Crispin Inn, Ashover.

On the Tuesday before Christmas me, Wee Fatha, Wee Keefy and Chala went to the Crispin for a meal. Ashover is fairly unique in terms of Derbyshire villages in that it has 3 pubs (5 if you include the two at Milltown), all of which serve a range of real ales, serve good food, and one even has a brewery. When walking and seeking refreshment in the area,  it has to be the Old Poets Corner every time, but, despite their excellent food, we have started a family tradition of visiting the Crispin when we fancy eating out.

Beers wise there are 4 handpumps selling Jennings Cumberland, Cocker Hoop, Marstons Pedigree and a guest - on our visit the Wychwoof/Refresh Bah Humbug Christmas Ale was on at a bargain £2.00 a pint. Generally real ales are about £2.90 depending on strength. I warmly recommend this and indeed any of the Ashover pubs for a bite to eat or a pint of the real stuff if you are in the area.

Harrisons 1854

     I was in the 1854 twice in the run up to Christmas, on the 23rd (Friday) there were free pork scratchings and mince pies cooked by the inimitable barman extraordinaire Dave, plus the lovely Joanna behind the bar (both in civvies) and, crucially both Abbeydale Deception and Moonshine were on at £2.00 a pint! (pics to follow when I get back on my own computer).

Add to this other drinks offers and live DJ's and it was a merry night on Regent Terrace. Hopefully 2012 will see a much deserved increase in patrons and the 3 real ale beer range maintained in this "hidden" city centre venue. Below : Barraharri and Joanna wish readers all the best.

Three Cranes Queen Street

     just a brief note, in addition to the excellent Bees Knees and Bradfield Belgian Blue on offer, the Cranes were selling Abbeydale Black Mass (6.6%) at a very competitive £3.25 a pint. Obliged as I was to investigate, I can confirm that said finisher was in excellent form.

Beehive, West Street

    I have made two albeit brief sojourns into the hive in the last week, and found some not to be sniffed at offers in their real ale range. On Thursday Thornbridge Jaipur was £2.60 a pint (5.9%) in addition to the Blue Bee Pale and Bitter rebadge offerings which I understand were cheaper (but need to confirm this -can you help?). On Friday, as well as mercifully not being overrun, a well kept pint of the Thornbridge Kipling was also £2'60; so now you can get a decent pint of real ale on West Street without having to pay over the odds in doing so!

Christmas bottle selection

      my Christmas beer list has taken shape nicely after a visit to the Archer Road Beer Stop and presents and deliveries from Wee Fatha, not to mention trips to Tesco and Waitrose. Amongst many highlights (in addition to those listed in my last post) are Dunham Massey Dark, Gold and Winter Warmer, Tatton Yeti and Ale, Derby Business As Usual, Brampton Winter Bock, Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, and Harviestoun Porter. Virtually all these beers came from the Archer Road Beer Stop. Give them a call on 0114 2551356 to check availability. And don't forget to get your orders in ASAP for New Year, or indeed any celebration, polypins, and enjoy pints of real ale at home.

Finally, rumour mill miss.......

     it seems almost irrefutable that the Broadfield, following a period of apparent soul destroying mediocrity, has closed and reopened as the Broadfield Ale House, selling real ales and an enviable range of whiskeys. I intend to be up in the New Year so expect a review soon.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all you readers and everyone who has helped and supported me in my ongoing blogging adventure - Slainte!

Wee Beefy.

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