Sunday, 30 April 2017

Drinking tea in Shakespeares


            its important at the early stage of this post to confirm the above was not me. I do drink tea, yes, but that is one of many things that I do at home that I do not undertake in Shakespeares, or indeed any other pub. Trimming my facial hair, cleaning my teeth and stroking Benny* are a few others.

Anyhoo it was after overtime and two couples came in and the two Ladies of the group expressed concern at drinking more beer in another pub and it was, perhaps by them suggested they had a cup of tea. Chris said this could be done. All of a sudden they seemed quite embarrassed. Sensing their unease I decided it would help if I calmed them down. So I said "Its OK you are the second and third customers I have seen order a cup f tea in here. In six years.....

The group were from sunny Scunny and comprised Dave, Lee, Kate and Katrina, or another female name with a "c" or a "k" at the beginning. Or, it could be none of these. They had nipped into sunny Sheffield for a days drinking and were heading for the BrewDog bar next. Having established that they could now receive emails alright I had quite a good chat with them.

I was on Kernel Mosaic IPA at 7.1%. In a surprising development, it was chuffing ace. Cloudy, or as I now say "London Opaque" and absolutely bursting with hoppy juicy bitterness from the Mosaic. This was, quite frankly, an excellent pint. I had three just to make sure, along with a Red Willow Wreckless (or similar) at 6.6%. Although I had this first and enjoyed it, this could not match the excellence of the Kernel.

I had been drinking the same the night before on payday. Am fairly certain that I didn't have anything else to drink that night, apart from a pint of the Blue Bee Eukanot and two of the Hopjacker Beer House pale at the Bar Stewards. They have finished their stint of temporary licences and are well on their way to securing a full or at least long term license to sell bose. I wish Al and Charlie all the very best in their future operations at the micropub.

I went there three times this weekend, once to start, once to take Wee Keefy who had never visited before (and according to his camera to have a mini Beefdoze) and once for a pint and a bottle of Augustiner Edelstoff lager to take to Mr P's. A fantastic beer if you have not tried it.

My last mention this month goes to the Drink Inn micropub on Commercial street. One of the side effects of the Three Tuns closing is there are very few places to go near the tram line which serve decent real ales and aren't the Bankers. he Drink Inn fits the bill perfectly. I have probably been in about four or five times in the last month and enjoyed it every one. Especially the can of BrewDog chilli IPA that I tried.

Well worth popping in for a taster. As the Bar Stewards will be when they reopen in a month or three's time. Huzaah!


Wee Beefy

*Benny is a cat.

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