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          its been over two years since I was last in Derby, in the daytime at least. I was there with Tash for the trade session of the Derby Winter Ales festival, a fabulous showcase of winter ales (and other styles) from around the UK which included numerous free samples. We got to a few pubs but after a few pints of Oakham Green Devil in the Alex we came home, sated. On Tuesday I headed down to see what had changed, if anything, in its numerous watering holes.

I started as I almost always do at the Station. Worryingly there was a sign outside saying "New landlord wanted" which didn't fill me with confidence about the present incumbent. As I went in there was one pump clip turned round and he was just putting a sign up to say there was no draught Bass as he'd had to send the barrel back. A disappointing bass-less start to my crawl.

Round a couple of corners is the Brunswick. I asked them if they still sold bass from the cask in the cellar and was told no. A surprisingly grumpy response, but the beers were obviously far better in here, and I had a half or a pint of Tres Bien Topaz, which I understand is brewed at Market Harborough brewery. This was a fantastic hoppy ale which started the day off well.

The Alexandra was my next port of call - I had decided I had to try at least one new pub but couldn't remember the name or address of the new micropub. In here I had a pack of fish and chips, a half of Pipes Midnight IPA on keg and a half of Blue Monkey Marmoset on cask. The Pipes was not really what I expected but the Marmoset was in prefect condition and tasted superb.

On to the Smithfield where I did find some Bass, but it was on handpull. Instead I had a sensibly priced half of Magic Rock Inhaler juicy IPA on keg. I sat in the room at the back on a comfy seat and soaked up the wonderful flavours, and bright sunshine.

I nipped into the Exeter Arms next and had a half in here as well - not caning the bose, as I was actually drinking quite fast. The beer in here was from Hartsthorne (?) brewery and was a crisp and hoppy pale which I enjoyed sat in one of the smaller rooms to the right with the bar behind you. The pub have now knocked through one of the walls at the back enabling easier access to the amazing cottage attached to the pub.

I headed under the ring road next and visited the Furnace Inn. I understand Shiny have stopped brewing there and moved to a purpose built brewery somewhere else - whether this is true or not is of course another matter! Either way there was plenty of Shiny real ale on but to my delight there was also Fyne Ales Ragnarok IPA on keg. There was no way I was going to miss this so I got a half and went and sat to the left. I got chatting to a couple, the lady of which was from Sheffield and whom both had recognisable human names. Alas, recognisable is not the same as rememberable for me. Lets call them Tom and Helen. Their surname began with B. Or P.....

I discussed with them various subjects including language and communication, Eastern European language in the UK, and also the Station. Sadly, it seems that having retired to Skegness Dave who used to run the pub so well had died. Its such a shame to hear this and for this to happen so soon it seems after he finally retired from the trade.

Off next to the Peacock where I knew they would have draught Bass from the barrel - they did. So I had a pint of that and another pale beer from Hartsthorne, along with a slice of huntsman pie. All three were excellent, although when the landlord returned he gave me a free half of Bass as that on previously hadn't been up to standard. Great service and cracking food and ale in here as always.

From here I headed towards the bottom of Uttoxeter old road and the Last Post, postage Stamp, postage Inn or whatever the new micropub in Derby was called. With the "luxury" of home internet I have found it in about a second complete with its address which is 1 Uttoxeter Old Road - and photos of the outside which show I didn't have to go the way I thought I had to, and may even have walked past it on the opposite side of the road. Anyway, I didn't know and ended up after a long wavy walk with a need to address and popped in a back street local off Uttoxeter Old Road. I may have had a half of bass in here!

Just round the corner I found myself in the Rowditch which I knew was much further up but popped in anyway for a fabulous pint of hoppy ale, the name or maker of which I have no idea of. I decided at this point that it was probably time to head home, as my earlier speed slaking had caught up with me.

So no new pubs for me but an enjoyable traipse around some of the old favourites in Derby. Showing once again that time changes little, and Derby remains an absolutely excellent place to go for a pub crawl.


Wee Beefy

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