Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Its Sheffield Beer Week!

Now then,

        I'm a day late, mainly due to having the plague and vomiting through my eyes for two days. Well, not really. But sort of. So thus far Sheffield Beer Week has yet to begin for me. For the rest of yous, it began yesterday on Monday. For more info about its reason for existence, its collaborators and event details, do please follow this link . I myself will, assuming am back at work tomorrow, be attending two events for certain.

The first is on Thursday at the Bath Hotel a pub I have visited before. They are having a ticketed (£5.00 each) bottled beer tasting using some of the gems in the Bath cellar. In case you aged beer fanatics get the wrong impression, they haven't knocked down a wall and found some sixty or seventy year old strong ales. They have however amassed a quantity of strong and now "older" bottled Thornbridge Hall beers such as stouts and a sour brown, which will be opened and tasted.

I usually don't like being in town on the Twat in the Hat night as  sadly St Patrick's has become, but don't mind making the trip out to an old favourite to try some strong ales.

The other event I am attending is at Shakespeares, a pub I have also visited previously. On Friday they are hoping to have twelve (or maybe more) beers on cask and keg from the Buxton Brewery. The event is a meet the brewer and a showcase of their ales, and is free to get in - just turn up at the pub and buy them.

I am led to believe that I should look out for numerous strong stouts, Bomba Generation and a cloudberry ice cream IPA, a collaboration with Omnipollo brewery. The brewers will be there from the start at 17.00, to discuss.

Assuming I race through my Buxton samples I could always also go on that same night to Hop Hideout for a meet the brewer and beer tasting with Founders Ales. Its £10.00 a pop per person but Jules knows her stuff and it promises to be an interesting event - maybe worth contacting them first though, to find out of there are tickets left, since the HH is a small venue.

One final thing to mention is the fact that Sentinel Brewing Co on Shoreham Street are hosting two events (maybe more). Here is a link to their Facebook page for more details. I think they only got their alcohol license on 24 February so suspect this may be the first time they are open to the public as a venue.

Whichever events you attend enjoy yourself. Sheffield is a brilliant place to drink, brew, taste and discuss beer. Lets make Sheffield beer week a reflection of that.


Wee Beefy

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