Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Shakespeares Ale and Cider House


         every Friday, and others, I have been in Shakespeares. Regular readers may think this is the shortest post ever...it is. Although, there is more....

I started the pay month (which was likely in May as it happens) in Shakespeares with Tash and Tony. We were joined by Anne and went inside for numerous silly photos and excellent beer. Main highlights were the amazing Siren Limoncello IPA at 9% and the Dark Star Revelation.

The next week me and Tash met Matt and I was already joined by Vicky and Simona from work. Cayti, Rachael and Ade turned up with Father to be Chis. If am to be honest, I can't remember what I had. I, and my many drinking companions,  enjoyed it though.

The next weekend I just realised I didn't go.....

The next was my birthday. Numerous pints, maybe including a half of Siren Liquid Monstrous, a Top Tackle Whisky, and a bottle of Double IPA were supped. Numerous people turned up to see me snooze. Sorry, booze. It was a great, late, long and enjoyable session.

Last week I went in for a half only, of North Riding Citra, and today I was in for a few with Tash on John's birthday. Once again, they gave the customer what he asked for, and all was well. Especially the intentionally brewed Steel City Brewing "When am 64".

Hats off to the Shakespeares, for providing excellent beers, often tasty snacks, and great value and customer service. A great way to end the month.


Wee Beefy

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