Friday, 4 October 2013

I really must try to go to Shakespeares more often....


         before I get down to "valuable" details about beer and pubs, I must clarify that Miss N does not like Wham - the concept of doing so was merely introduced into my previous post as an example of a heinous crime. However, she does like Hobgoblin. That's a SCIENCE FACT. I don't want to alienate anyone, but as far as I can see, that simply serves to strengthen my point - liking Hobgoblin is tantamount to liking Wham. Hope all this helps.

Anyhoo, this week, I have been paid and accidentally went to Shakespeares a lot. In fact, I'm off there tonight for Chris and Tom (AKA Allan)'s flat warming party in absentia. Don't worry if you didn't get invited, the pub is still open as normal. It promises to be a great range of beers as well, including a certain porter from Blue Bee.....

Tuesday was a day of celebrations and so myself and Miss N repaired to Shakespeares after work. First up was a pint of Loch Ness Darkness, a sort of mildy thing. I had this at Star Fest in Huddersfield and loved it but it was a little sweet this time round. Luckily we bumped into Dave U who politely reminded us that other beers were available - as long as they were his. In respect of which "topical" Royal baby themed Black IPA Rankle Biter was on, so we had several pints of that whilst chatting to Jules from the world of journalism. Along with a North Riding punch the clock, and something very silly indeed from Revolutions which was 7.9%. Obviously it was that last half wot did us...

Wednesday I "had" to go back to Shakespeares to pay my bar tab. So it seemed rude not to invite Miss N along for a quick refresher. I had a pint of Pixie Spring/Hopcraft Darwin's Paradox and she the Abbeydale Honey beer that has a name. She switched onto the Hopcraft afterwards since the Abbeydale was a little over-sweet. We then decided to head to DAda for a change (ahem - my two most visited licensed premises in the last two years!) and had excellent pints of Pollards and a couple of bottles of Hardknott - the Infra Red, which somehow tasted better from a bottle than even the excellent cask version tried at the Broady, and Dark Energy, a deceptively smooth dark beer which wasn't quite what I expected but was really good nonetheless.

Last night saw myself and Middlemarch escaping from work at a frankly ridiculous time to have a frankly ridiculous amount of boo-har at...Shakespeares. For contrast.

The Hopcraft was my choice once more and trainee real ale lass Middlemarch went for a pint of Abbeydale Deception. Soon, however, news came about that the Pilcrow Porter - the people's porter, was available from the cellar. So we had a pint of that, and while insisting it wasn't bias, Middlemarch said she really liked it. I'm a sucker for compliments  - I was chuffed to bits.

The rest of the evening (when it became evening that is) comprised more pints of Pilcrow (hopefully it will appear on the bar tonight) along with a a pint for me and a half for Middlemarch of the Raw/Trulla/Steel City/Shakespeares collaboration "4 Horsemen of the Hopocalypse" a gloriously bitter fruity IPA that probably needs a day or two to clear. It's also quite strong, possibly 6.9% (it aint on the board to check!) and in some way contributed to Middlemarch having a lemonade. In between which events, we had a fabulous curry from the West bar Tandoori over the road.

This is a service I haven't used more than once but am so glad I did - and it makes perfect sense for Shakespeares to allow it. Have more food, feel less drunk = buy more beer. Ingenious!

So, do try and get to Shakespeares to try the Blue Bee Pilcrow Porter over the next few days, and if you can't make that, don't forget it's the Rutland 4th birthday on Wednesday.

Cheers me dears

Wee Beefy

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