Friday, 29 March 2013

Shamesburys and the Hadfield


   a short post this, via expectation and assumption of inevitability  I had assumed a dire outcome for the  following pub. But it seems, I was wrong...

Walking down from the Hallamshire House I walked past the doomed Hadfield. I stopped to take some pics as it was inevitably, as reported in Beer Matters, the end of the pub as a pub; the end of the building as a pub at least. Shitty multinational conglomerate Sainsbury's planned to turn this pub into another morally baseless cash cow unit. The locals thought otherwise.

So it was I spotted a light on photographing the pub, and people behind he bar. So I went in. Inside was the buzz of opening a new venue. Three bands were ready to play a gig. And the man behind the bar confirmed, it was a reopening gig. Until Sainsbury's won the battle,  the pub company had set them the task of making a go of it.

You'll remember of course the failure of the Meadow Street Hotel  - the pubco offered them the chance to keep the pub if they made a success of it, then they took it off them even though they made the profit. Ultimately they wanted the building for flats - am not sure if they want this building for retail however......

So make sure you go to the Hadfield. It may only have one real ale, Hobgoblin at £3.00 a pint (and Westons cider at £3.45)  but under Jeff at the Red House I'm sure it can work. And showing this to Shamesbury's means they will understand that its a viable pub, and this may influence the council, whom ultimately give the go ahead for change of use.

Use it or lose it then Sheffield folk.

Wee Beefy.


  1. The Hadfield? The one in Broomhill? Might be turned into a Sainsburys?
    Aiyaaa, I spent half my life in there in 94/95. It was dog friendly and full of crusties back then, Fat Rob was the landlord as I remember.
    Really hope it stays open.

    1. Well, if am to be pedantic its between Commonside and Brook Hill roundabout but since I recall only one Hadfield we both must be right. Interesting what you say though, I only went in once prior to its 2000ths morph into it being a neon club pub. It was in about 1991 and I shouldn't legally have been there. It was stoically ace. I share your hopes on it remaining open...

      BTW Crusties - knew a lot my friend. Not renowned for supping real ale though, IMHO...