Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Never mention hairy

Hello again,

           last year, just as my blog (and my interest in other blogs) was taking off, I read a post by Reluctant Scooper about obscure search terms that had led readers to his blog. Finding the results perplexing and amusing in equal measure I dallied briefly with the idea of using Google Analytics myself, but it looked either confusing, too techy, or like you'd have to pay. Luckily my Stats page (which I never look at, ahem...) provides similar info.

Only a few hours ago, caught napping, I noticed that he'd put the details up for 2012 - here's the link. Which means I now have to finally utilise the information I have diligently saved over the last year.

I do hope Mr Scooper won't object to my borrowing the concept, but if anything doing so simply confirms what a great idea it is. Managing to find out how one ends up with so many readers in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia, and how a post mentioning the word hairy seemed to attract multiple page views above and beyond that which one could reasonably expect, may not be useful; but is nonetheless intriguing.

Here, in chronological order, are the weirdest :

Old bottled iron
Hairy pubs
Norfolk pub with peacocks in
Old hairy men
Old hairies
Men with hairy pubs
Pub friend rosta
Relax alcohol arm bier
Victorian mentalist posters

Horse ponsford Sheffield
Old lady bites man wee wee
Wet hairy back sarcastic
Beefy Butt enlightened
Snifter of Paul William Fraser
Doom pub London
Pebsham Lane Rottweiler Bexhill
Hoppy's favourite cottage cheese lan......
Death metal bottle drunk
Stork bitter intitle blog
Bungalow maybank fraser hill haunted
Bar Zenith wood hand cocking
Swan Hotel pub good stabling Filey d.....

Mores the shame that if the term is too long you can't see it in full. Or perhaps its for the best.....

A very special Happy New Year to my Russian and Eastern European readers.


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