Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Yo Ho glow


hope you are all having a fab Christmas  day.

Not Stupid Blogger though, whose "amazing" new post editor causes my computer to have 20 kinds of fit, thus exponentially increasing the time taken to write to almost absurd levels. I think I need a beer...

Which is fine actually because my Abbeydale Deception polypin is giving up its goods regularly, even though to get at the grapefruit and melon rich flavours I have to put up with a slow tap. Humph.

Anyhoo, this is just a quick (surprise) post to wish the folks and customers at DAda all the very best.

Having forsworn to avoid any pubs on Christmas Eve, I decided to head in for a last couple (before the 27th at any rate!) to set me up for the enforced merriment and expected gluttony to come. Initially I was a little concerned - firstly on passing a brace of outdoor cider enthusiasts brawling on Campo Lane, and then because I worried that propping up the bar, by myself, on Christmas Eve, was perhaps the very epitome of sadness.

 I needn't have worried though. I was made to feel fantastically welcome by James and Steph, and after having a pint of Dancing Duck Gold and a bottle of Brewfist Fear I bumped into a BadPanda who very kindly invited me to join his friends Dunc, Amy, a man from far away, the Bobs and Mrs Panda for a few drinks and a chat.

I even got to try a new beer - Thorny Peter. A specially blended (erm, roughly a third of each, in guesstimeasures) of Thorny Goat and St Petersburg. It was better than the now peaty dry St Petersburg. But then, so is Thorny Goat. Pointless, but enjoyable science.

Alas, after a few hours, and numerous loops of the 80's Christmas music mix I had to awaah to Thangors for roast pork sarnies and wine, but my last visit to Dada before Christmas was a real feel good pub experience, just like a proper pub visit should be.

Its also one which I look forward to repeating throughout 2013.

Wee Beefy


  1. That was a good night ;-) and you're always welcome to share a beer with me and mine.


    1. Hey thanks man, topped off a good day, and made me rethink my drinking plans - hence I had a stonking night last night. Happy New Year!