Monday, 17 September 2012

Learning to blog

Now then,

    I almost feel I should apologise for this in a way, because I have no news to report from the world of Sheffield pubs and beer, breweries or bottled products. I overstretched my budget, and T Shirts, in an unjustifiable orgy of self indulgence over the last 3 weeks, and now I need to get a grip and have a break. So now for the come-down.

Luckily, on the day I returned to the peculiar world of work, I was cheered by seeing another blogging stats milestone passed, and was, I admit, quite pleased with my efforts. So I decided to have a quick look at some of my older posts to see what the actual number of page views were, since Blogger finds this infinitely confusing for some reason.

In doing so, not only did I confirm my suspicion that I hadn't blogged about beer in 2008 (which Blogger tells me I did on the all time history stats) but I also got to see a couple of great examples of my faltering steps in the world of blogging, thus :

*A post with no title, or indeed, any tags. (although it did generate some hits, somehow...)
*A post simply titled "Welsh Wandering" (part 1 of a 5 parter which, erm, I only wrote 2 parts for...)
*The second post about Wales, ingeniously titled "More Welsh Wandering", this time with a tag - "Welsh Wandering"

And, my absolute favourite.

A post entitled "Big lad goes for a walk"
With no tags
And 2 pageviews.
And I know who they are.

I laughed at my own ineptitude. It was humbling.

So please can I ask that you don't ruin the magic of my aimlessness by searching out that post and increasing the number of views beyond 2....

Thanks all

Wee Beefy

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